Meili Chengxin Healthy Yoga Microclass (XIII)

Today, continue to strengthen your upper limb muscles.

Course introduction Yoga micro class is an online fitness course for school staff.

The course is designed according to the physical and mental characteristics of the teaching staff.

The course content mainly focuses on body exercises, and the body movements change from easy to difficult, from single to combined.

Through 40 sessions of micro classroom exercises throughout the year, teachers and staff can master basic yoga postures and gradually develop the habit of lifelong exercise and the concept of healthy life.

Teacher TEACHER introduced Jiang Linlin, a senior yoga trainer certified by the Social Sports Center of the General Administration of Sport of the People’s Republic of China, a mid-level senior section official, a senior yoga instructor of the China Yogi Federation, and a national second level athlete of rhythmic gymnastics, who are engaged in the teaching of Hatha yoga and dance yoga.

Tips: 1.

Practice time: morning, morning, afternoon or evening, empty stomach in the morning, and other time is generally 2 hours after dinner; Do not drink water for half an hour before practice, and do not eat or bathe until half an hour after practice; 2.

Wearing professional yoga clothes or loose exercise clothes, please practice barefoot on the yoga mat; 3.

Those with poor physical condition, acute physical injury or severe chronic pain should not practice; If you feel unwell during the exercise, please stop the exercise immediately; 4.

Posture practice: beginners can only breathe naturally in the asana practice.

When doing each asana, they can do their best.

They should complete the asana step by step, not compare.

Cobra pose practice and key points of prone position.

Keep your feet hip width apart.

Place your hands on both sides of your chest, with your fingertips flush with your shoulders and your elbows tucked in.

Inhale, lift the chest, push the palm to the ground, and stick the pubic bone to the ground; Exhale, backward; Look at the front and top, and do not lean back too much.

Keep several groups breathing.

Inhale, extend the spine, exhale, twist from the upper thoracic spine to the right, and look at the right rear.

The posture effect strengthens the upper limbs and back muscles, alleviates the discomfort of the waist, massages the abdominal viscera, and flexes the spine.

Note: For patients with herniated intervertebral disc and severe scoliosis, do not twist, and just keep the Cobra posture.

The brick mover who sits still for a long time must practice and never pay attention to it until his back is sore.

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