Should Yoga Practice Keep Your Abdomen Closed?

In the class, we often hear the teacher say “abdominal contraction”, but you will think, why should abdominal contraction be used when practicing posture, and how to find the right feeling of abdominal contraction? First of all, abdominal contraction is very important.

It can protect the lumbar vertebrae, enable us to go deeper into posture, correctly start the core, etc.

It is self-evident that abdominal contraction is important.

For those who are just practicing yoga, their abdominal awareness is weak, and they have been used to relaxing.

The teacher asks you to tighten your stomach, but you can’t find the feeling.

Secondly, the tightening you think is not necessarily the correct one.

The correct abdominal state, Master Iyengar once said.

“The state of the abdomen is like a drum face, which is both expansive, stretched and elastic, without excessive tightening or complete relaxation.”—— B.

K.S.Iyengar So, how to properly tighten the abdomen in yoga practice? 1.

Abdominal retraction is not breath holding, it is not direct backward retraction.

It is very likely to cause tension in the lumbar spine.

It is not breath holding, and the body will become more and more stiff when breathing.


The correct “abdominal retraction” is to move from the pubic bone to the navel at the same time, and consciously lift the perineum, so that the abdominal retraction will be more stable.

If I still can’t find the feeling.

Imagine the feeling of zipping up in jeans.

Exhale, tighten up, inhale, and maintain a semi tightened state; Next time, tighten up again when you exhale; The next time you inhale, keep it half tight.

This kind of feeling can not be found in a short time.

You can pay more attention to yoga and practice more.

Finally, two abdomens are attached to practice breathing exercises: lie on the cushion surface, bend your knees, put your hands on both ends of the ribs, breathe in, expand and exhale your ribs to both sides, lower your ribs, and breathe horizontally with your belly button in the direction of the spine for 10-20 times.

Activate the transversus abdominis action 1: kneel and stand on the cushion surface, open your feet and hands the same width as your hips, push your feet to the ground, breathe out with your limbs perpendicular to the ground, and slightly rotate your pelvis back to the direction of the spine with your belly button, Keep your knees off the ground for 20-30 seconds, or keep it for 5 seconds.

Repeat 8-10 groups of actions dynamically.

2, Repeat on the other side for 8-10 groups.

After watching them all, let’s go 👍。.

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