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There are many advantages of yoga back bending, and all the breakthrough points are here!

When we talk about yoga bends, we can see beautiful postures in our minds.

In fact, all backward bending poses are to “open the chest”, correct the bad posture and chest collapse in work, and bid farewell to the troubles and negative emotions in life.

Help us breathe deeper and feel more confident.

When the chest cavity is opened, the back bending is completed, and you can level by level “upgrade to fight monsters” to overcome the difficult looking back bending poses, so that you can easily shape in the circle of friends.

Many practitioners are afraid of backward bending, because it will make us feel insecure, at a loss, and do not know what will happen when our head is down, so they will fear something we do not know in the future.

This is the same as in life.

We are always afraid of what has not happened and what we do not know.

How to correctly back bend? In yoga practice, long-term incorrect practice will bring great pressure to the lumbar spine, resulting in a series of injuries.

When doing the back bending pose, we should follow a series of principles to ensure that the correct yoga practice can also repair the shoulder and back, and alleviate lumbar pain! 1.

Back bending starts from the thoracic vertebrae.

When practicing the back bending position, many Jiaren focus their strength on the back bending of the lumbar vertebrae.

If they practice in this way for a long time, they will definitely cause injury to the lumbar vertebrae.

Therefore, kyphosis should be the bending of the whole spine, that is, it should start from the thoracic segment.

Fully lift your chest and stretch your lumbar spine.

From the place of the thoracic vertebra, the lumbar vertebra will not bear too much pressure.

This kind of back bending can really achieve the function of flexible whole spine.


Relax the hip muscles.

When we bend back, our muscles are often tense.

The tension of hip muscles will directly cause the pressure on the lumbar spine.

This is mainly due to the physiological structure of gluteus maximus.

The contraction of the gluteus maximus will cause the outward rotation of the big leg bone, which will squeeze the sacrum and tailbone, thus causing pressure on the lumbar spine.

Therefore, when practicing backward bending, try to relax the hip muscles.


Many Ghans will ask, what is the relationship between backbending and feet? In fact, all our postures should start from their roots.

Therefore, for some backbends based on the foot, we should ensure that the inside of the foot is forced downward.

Our muscles are in an unbalanced state, and most people’s muscles on the outside of the leg are stronger than those on the inside.

Can you see if the outer side of your shoes is more worn than the inner side? Therefore, when we exert downward force on the inner side of the foot, we will naturally start to activate the muscles on the inner side of the leg, thus creating space for the lumbar segment to bend back.


Change your mind.

In fact, most modern people do not have good backward bending ability due to their long-term desk work and neglect of daily posture.

Therefore, we should often bend back to flex the spine.

However, too many yoga practitioners do not know their own physical conditions, or are unwilling to admit, or out of a comparative psychology.

Therefore, in the classroom, many people are actually forcing themselves to bend back.

Therefore, we should start from changing our own ideas.

When you don’t focus on how much I can bend back, you will not cause lumbar injury due to excessive back bending.

Focus on breathing and feel the purest yoga.

Some senior practitioners or yoga teachers may be very relaxed, but their bodies have already been hurt by years of overloaded yoga practice or some overexerted postures practice, so they need to pay more attention to the practice of backbends.

Every detail needs to be carefully understood, every movement should be precisely practiced, and sports injuries should be rejected! The copyright belongs to the originator.

If there is any infringement, please contact to delete it..

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