Heavy weight | Comprehensive explanation by overseas famous teachers

The harm of yoga practice is a highly discussed topic.

Some people enjoy the physical and mental changes brought by yoga, and actively face and solve the pain; Some people aim directly at advancement and pay little attention to it; Some people are confused that yoga may cause pain, and they are already afraid before they start; Some people hold high the banner and shout that yoga hurts the body.

There is probably a feeling of “A’s honey and B’s arsenic”.

In fact, if the body is not used properly, almost all sports will cause harm.

Just point to yoga, and yoga is not a grievance.

Moreover, it is a complex problem to have pain in yoga practice.

It may be that they have not received good guidance, that the accumulation of wrong living habits is reflected in the practice, that there is an error in the way of posture practice, or that they are hurt psychologically.

The reason is not unique, the answer is not unique.

How to deal with yoga practice injuries? To get to the point, one principle should be put in front of yoga injuries: prevention>healing.

In the words of the teacher of this course, “It is more important and fundamental to learn not to damage a thing from the beginning than to repair it”.

Because when you know your body well enough and know which areas are vulnerable to injury; Know which actions are easy to cause harm in daily life and practice…

Your yoga practice will be automatically adjusted to a scientific, safe and appropriate mode.

Stu, a teacher with the dual identity of yoga and physiotherapist, will lead us to learn and practice yoga injury prevention and treatment in this series of classes.

The course will focus on [Injury Prevention], involving the whole body.

Starting from the foot base, gradually go deep into the ankle, knee, hip joint, sacroiliac joint, lower back, neck and upper back, shoulder and wrist.

It includes the reasons for the occurrence of different injuries, the introduction of classic poses, the guidance of correct exercise methods to prevent injuries, and the extension of some ideas.

Basically speaking, it covers all aspects of yoga injuries, and has the ability to act as the “most comprehensive yoga injury prevention treasure”.

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