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Yoga lasts for 10 minutes in winter and 1 hour in summer. Are you still lazy?

Follow us with the blue words on it! Due to the temperature drop, most people, except for warm quilts, want to go out with sheets and reduce outdoor sports.

At this time, many people have doubts that the winter is so cold, and the fat is enough to keep out the cold.

Do you need to practice yoga again? However, most people do not know that winter is a good time to “store the essence”.

There is even a saying that yoga lasts for 10 minutes in winter and lasts for 1 hour in summer.

Doing yoga in winter can not only help you warm up and activate your collaterals, cultivate your body, but also help you improve your immunity and keep away from the flu…

Not only that, why do you have to do yoga in winter? After reading the following content, you will understand! Six reasons for practicing yoga in winter.

Winter yoga can help you effectively relieve stress.

Improving efficiency can help you speed up blood circulation and increase the supply of oxygen to the brain.

It has a positive effect on eliminating fatigue caused by long-term brain work, enhancing memory, and improving learning efficiency.

02 Winter yoga can prevent osteoporosis, and even help to increase the exposure of outdoor yoga in winter.

The ultraviolet ray in the sun can not only kill germs on human skin and clothes, but also disinfect human body; It can also promote the body’s absorption of calcium and phosphorus, which is conducive to bone health.

It is especially important for middle school students who are growing up.

According to the survey, people who often participate in sports activities are 4~8cm taller than those who do not.

03 Winter Yoga can exercise a strong will not afraid of the cold.

Winter yoga can not only create a strong body, but also cultivate a strong will.

Most people do not want to exercise in winter, which is mainly due to the Sui nature.

It is human nature that the more comfortable the better, the more convenient the better.

Therefore, to adhere to yoga in winter is the most effective exercise of will.

Can you persist in practicing yoga in winter? What can you not do? 04 Winter yoga can accelerate blood circulation.

Winter yoga can help improve the cold condition of hands and feet.

Because yoga can promote our blood circulation very well., As the muscles keep contracting, the heart beats faster, the respiration deepens, and the metabolism is vigorous, the heat generated by the body will increase.

At the same time, yoga can also enhance the excitability of the cerebral cortex, so that the temperature regulation center can adjust the temperature sensitively and accurately, adapt to the cold environment, and improve people’s cold resistance.

Therefore, those who insist on practicing yoga in winter can increase their cold resistance by 8~12 times compared with ordinary people.

05 | In winter yoga, there will be obvious changes in the hematopoietic function of the body exercising in cold.

The hematopoietic function will change significantly, and the body’s ability to resist diseases will be enhanced.

As the saying goes, “If you move in winter, you will not get sick; if you are lazy in winter, you will drink more medicine.” That is the truth.

06 Practicing yoga in winter can prevent people from getting fat more easily in winter than in summer, because winter is the season when people are least active.

They accumulate more fat after long periods of inactivity.

They also appear fat, have poor ability to resist diseases, and do not sweat for a long time.

Practicing yoga at this time can help maintain a healthy body shape.

Because yoga can burn calories.

Various forward bends, backward bends, twists and handstands in yoga stimulate glands and regulate endocrine.

The ability of the human body to generate heat energy is strengthened, which helps us better control our appetite and maintain our body shape.

Yoga can help you understand your body better, feel the vitality in your body, relax your body and mind in sports, and feel positive energy even in the gloomy and depressed environment in winter.

In general, practicing yoga in winter is conducive to health preservation, detoxification and self-cultivation.

What should we pay attention to when practicing yoga in winter? When practicing yoga in winter, we should pay attention to the following points.

Students who pay attention to warmth, especially those who like morning exercises, must wear trousers and long clothes to practice.

It is better to close the window and leave a seam for ventilation.

In the zombie style, cover it with a blanket.

If you are a yoga teacher, you must wear yoga socks.

Yoga halls usually have wooden floors, and your feet are easy to catch cold.

When it is very cold, put a heater beside it.

02 | Adjust your practice to practice yoga in winter.

It is recommended that you do not challenge any more difficult poses that you have not done before.

In winter, your body needs to rest and not be too tired.

The body is not as soft as it is in summer.

If it is not in the right position, it is easy to cause joint injuries.

03 | Prolonging the warm-up time The weather is cold and the body is stiff.

In the past, it may be hot to do the Japanese salutation several times, but now it is estimated that it will take more than 10 times to feel.

04 | It is recommended not to practice too early to adjust the practice time.

If possible, it is better to practice after 10 o’clock, and 3-5 o’clock in the afternoon is also a good choice.

Don’t practice too late.

You need to rest at night, especially in winter.

If you practice in the evening, it is recommended to practice yin yoga and other soothing stretching.

05 | Joint protection The joint needs to be specially protected.

Do not wear a shoulder length yoga jacket or ankle revealing yoga pants.

It is better to wear knee pads to provide more protection and support for the knee.

The benefits of practicing yoga in winter are really many, but the cold weather in winter is easy to stiffen the body, so you can’t rush to do difficult movements.

You must strengthen the warm-up link in the early stage, and pay attention to keeping warm.

When doing yoga exercises in winter, everyone must do stretching exercises well in advance to prevent injuries! Clothes for yoga should be comfortable and sweat wicking to avoid catching cold.

Girls, please don’t wait until spring to make up your mind to make your body healthier.

Let’s practice yoga to make your winter more warm and happy! You will find that once you develop the habit of practicing yoga regularly, you will feel more and more energetic and comfortable.

Let’s go after we’ve seen everything 👍。.

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