Yoga teacher must learn seven hormones during pregnancy

“2022 Pregnancy Hormone Fragmentation”//2022WINTER “- Pregnancy hormone level: lutein lutein: also known as progesterone, originally a female hormone in the human body.

When a woman is sure of pregnancy, lutein, originally secreted by the ovary, will be mainly secreted by the placenta after the twelfth week of pregnancy.

Therefore, the concentration of lutein in the body will be much higher than that of pregnant women.

This is to stabilize the endometrium, so that the fertilized egg can be implanted better and more stably- Pregnancy hormone level: ACTH – ACTH: The level of ACTH increases significantly at 7-10 weeks of pregnancy, and may increase 15 times in the third trimester.

The source is the secretion of the mother’s pituitary gland and the secretion of the placental adrenocorticotropic hormone, which lasts until delivery and quickly returns to the pre pregnancy level 24 hours after delivery- Pregnancy hormone level: human chorionic gonadotropin- β- HCG: early pregnancy serum β- The detection of HCG has a very good role in the judgment of normal pregnancy, threatened abortion, ectopic pregnancy, embryo termination and hydatidiform mole.

It can not only timely intervene to improve the pregnancy outcome, but also avoid over treatment and over protection- Hormone level during pregnancy: prolactin – prolactin: prolactin is secreted by the pituitary gland, and the amount of prolactin is increasing during pregnancy.

However, due to the role of estrogen, it does not have a free impact on the breast until the estrogen drops after delivery, and can breastfeed.

As long as new mothers persist in breastfeeding, the secretion of prolactin will continue to increase, and the amount of milk will also increase- Hormone level during pregnancy: estrogen – estrogen: 50% of estrogen at the 7th week of pregnancy comes from the secretion of the placenta, so the estrogen level can fully reflect the function of the placenta- Hormone level during pregnancy: HPL-HPL: hPL is used to promote breast development and positive nitrogen balance in coordination with insulin and corticosteroids in pregnant women, which is conducive to protein accumulation during pregnancy.

hPL also inhibits fat deposition, promotes fat decomposition and increases free fatty acids in blood- Hormone level during pregnancy: Relaxin – Relaxin: Relaxin increases sharply in women during pregnancy.

As a reproductive hormone, relaxin is mainly used to relax the cervical orifice and vagina, pelvic ligament and pubic symphysis during pregnancy.

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