“Thousand year old crotch” always fails to open? 9 yoga movements help you open your hips in depth, accurate and effective!

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We often practice hip opening.

A flexible hip not only means that we can get more yoga poses, but also our health needs.

Today, we will share a set of 10 hip opening movements that will be taught to you by private education.

You can practice them at home by collecting them! Pose 1.

Lie on your back, bend your knees, exhale on your toes, keep your pelvis stable, rotate your right hip outward, inhale and exhale, rotate your left hip outward repeatedly for 10-15 times, After the back is straight, roll back and repeat the pose for 10-15 times.



The bottom of the left foot is close to the right thigh root to exhale.

Tighten the core.

Fold the hip and bend forward to inhale.

Kneel on the left knee.

Push the left hip up.

Extend the right hand to the distance for 8-10 times.

After that, change to the other pose.


Enter the quadruped support position to exhale and retract the abdomen.

After the right hip moves backward, straighten and inhale to restore.

Repeat the other pose for 10-15 times.

6 Exit from the previous movement, enter the downward dog pose, inhale, lift the right leg back into the anti dog pose, stay 3-5 breaths, and then switch sides.


Enter from the anti dog pose, exhale, tighten the core, right hip adduction, step the right leg laterally to the outside of the left leg, inhale, restore, repeat 10-15 times, and then switch sides, Repeat hip sinking downward for 10-15 times and then change sides to practice asana 9.

Exit from the previous movement and enter the sitting angle style to inhale.

The sitting bones are downward, the spine is extended to exhale, the core is tightened, and the hip is bent forward to inhale and restore.

Repeat asana 10-15 times.


Enter the frog style, the hips are abduction, the knees and hips are horizontally exhaled, the core is tightened, the hips are pushed forward to inhale, and restore, and repeat for 10-15 times..

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