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Yoga: 13 strange actions, you win if you do 3!

It is said that the pictures taken by yogis can break the circle of friends.

Compared with “scissors hands” and “45 degrees looking up at the sky”, those different yoga movements not only show the feminine beauty of women, but also make a beautiful picture.

In the following actions, the yogi has done three to count you as the winner.

Let’s try it, warm up well and pay attention to safety! 1.

Adding balance on the basis of handstand is easy to put pressure on the head.

It is not recommended for Jia people who have not done handstand to try.


It is very difficult to balance this small lotus toe.


Lovely little plough posture, people can try.


Little lower dog variant, do you see my eyes? 5.

I like to look at you like this.


Is it complicated? Small changes in pigeon style 7.

When you lay flat on your butt, it poses a huge challenge to the core and stabilizing muscles 8.

It feels a little confused between hands and feet 9.

Is it a little familiar? 10.

Tilt the forearm slightly to provide a better support base.


High requirements for balance and core 12.

Can you do it? 13.

This needs courage.

How many can you do? Recommend yoga: want to become beautiful? Then we should stick to these yoga postures, build elegant posture, and improve temperament yoga: after practicing these 10 yoga postures, the hips will be warped! Yoga: These 10 movements can be practiced at home.

They can be practiced for 2 months.

They look 5 years younger than their peers.

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