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Yoga beginners want to unlock the monkey pose? Stick to these 8 actions, you can also!

Pay attention to us with the blue words on it! Yoga monkey pose is a pose that many beginners want to unlock! In addition to taking photos and clocking, the most important thing is its posture effect! The correct practice of Divine Monkey has the following benefits: deep stretching of the lower leg, thigh and groin, helping to shape the leg line, relieving sciatica, strengthening the hip muscles and other benefits! How can a beginner unlock the Monkey Divine? The answer is: step by step! Today, we share 8 preparatory actions to unlock the monkey style.

As long as you keep practicing and practice correctly, you can also unlock the monkey style! Action 1.

Enter from the downward dog position, exhale, tighten the core right leg, bend the knee forward, and inhale on the back of the left knee, extend the spine, straighten the hands to exhale, tighten the core, and sink the hips to stay for 8-10 breathing actions.


Keep the left elbow and forearm on the ground, and the right knee outward to inhale, bend the left leg backward, bend the right shoulder backward, and rotate the left leg backward, grasp the back of the left foot to exhale, tighten the core, and the hips sink to look at the ceiling, Stay for 8-10 breathing actions 3.

Exit from the previous action, move the center of gravity of the left lower leg to the ground, straighten the hips and the right leg to the ground, step on the heels, inhale the toes back, stretch the spine, exhale, tighten the core body and bend the hips forward, stay for 8-10 breathing actions 4.

Exit from the previous action, enter the pigeon breathing, rotate the right hip outward, land the outside of the right leg, straighten the left leg back to the ground, and keep the hips on both sides level with hands together, Stretch the spine, relax the shoulders, and stay for 8-10 breathing tips: from action 1-4, pay attention to changing the other side to practice action 5.

Sit, straighten the legs forward, turn the toes back and inhale, rotate the right hip outward, and exhale with the palm of the right foot close to the root of the left thigh, tighten the core, bend the hips forward and stay for 8-10 breathing, and exchange the other side action 6.

Exit from the previous action, enter the back of the legs to bend forward and inhale, stretch the spine, exhale, and tighten the core to bend the hips forward, Grab the feet with both hands, stick the abdomen to the thigh and forehead to the calf, and stay for 8-10 breaths.


You can easily complete the first six steps.

You can try to enter the monkey pose slowly from the semi-god monkey pose.

You can put a yoga brick under the right hip and keep the left foot tip back on the ground.

Try to tighten the core, and stay for 8-10 breaths on each side of the gluteus muscle, and move in a gradual manner.

8 You can also easily unlock Tips when you continue to practice action 8: pay attention to keep the hips on both sides level, do not turn the hips, and step by step within your ability.

Do not practice yoga for the final pose! After reading all the books, please wait until you leave.

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