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Yoga: The most beautiful yoga wild style photographed in the circle of friends, only need 5 steps to unlock it!

In a flow course, yoga wild posture is a very common posture to open the heart chakra and make you feel happy and satisfied.

First of all, let’s see how beautiful the wild photography is.

Practice the advantages of wild photography: stretch the front of the body, open the chest and shoulders, enhance the lung function, arm strength, and massage the spine, and flexible the spine.

The most important thing is to practice the wild style, which will make you happy, and sweep away the feeling of boredom and depression.

However, many beginners find this action very difficult, so share a set of sequences arranged for the wild style.

As long as you keep practicing according to this set of sequences, you can also play the most beautiful wild style.

Action 1: Lie on your back, bend your elbows, bend your knees inside your elbows, exhale with your heels up to the ceiling, lift your arms and legs up to keep your back active, keep your front thigh away from the cushion surface for 5 breaths, repeat 5 groups of actions 2: Lie on your back, bend your knees with your arms on both sides of your hips, exhale with your heels close to your hips, lift your hips up while keeping your hips stable, lift your left heel, and your right leg straight up to lift your chest, Take the initiative to keep the hips up for 5 breaths and then change the opposite side, repeat 5 groups of actions 3, sit and stand, hold your hands behind the hips and bend your knees, exhale with your heels close to the hips, lift your arms and soles to lift your hips and chest up, and keep your hips higher than your knees and keep them stable, you can try to straighten your right arm and keep it back for 5 breaths and then change the opposite side, repeat 5 groups of actions 4, sit and bend your knees, bend your left foot back close to the outside of your hips and your right foot, bend your knees, and bend your elbows with your feet on the ground, The upper part of the body can slowly lie back and straighten the arm to the top of the head for 8 breaths, and then change the reverse side action to 5 kneeling, the right leg opens to the side and straightens the left hand palm to the ground, the right arm extends upward and the hip points to the front, and feels the right waist extends upward and maintains 5 breaths, then change the reverse side into the wild style and enter from the downward dog style, lift the left leg up and bend the knee and the hip to the left, open the chest to the left, and turn the left foot to the ground, and leave the ground on tiptoe, Extend the hips to the top of the head and push them up, and keep 5 breaths to change the side recommendation yoga: want to become beautiful? Then we should stick to these yoga postures, build elegant posture, and improve temperament yoga: after practicing these 10 yoga postures, the hips will be warped! Yoga: These 10 movements can be practiced at home.

They can be practiced for 2 months.

They look 5 years younger than their peers.

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