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Marry a woman who practices yoga!

Add the teacher WeChat to watch the teacher’s circle of friends~What’s good for women who practice yoga? Women who practice yoga are thin, but not beautiful.

Line is the king of yoga.

Some women who practice yoga have good temper, can tolerate the pain in asana, can eat the pain in life.

In yoga asana practice, they can understand the trivial things in life.

They don’t bother to anger the big things that fall down.

They can also calmly deal with the women who practice yoga alone, manage their own time, manage their own health, work Proper entertainment arrangements can also leave you a good time to be alone.

Women who practice yoga concentrate on practicing yoga for one hour a day for 365 days a year.

Women who practice yoga from beginning to end for one person know how to live in a posture, how to relax in life, how to maintain life, how to practice yoga, how to treat body and emotions in a posture, and how to treat them in life Women who practice yoga with others are easy to be satisfied.

They can find the wisdom of life in one move.

They can find the beauty of life in one flower and one grass.

They have a beautiful body and an interesting soul.

Life is enough for women who practice yoga.

Finally, women who practice yoga have a good vision.

If women who practice yoga like you, they will marry you.

Yoga women are simple but not simple.

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