New Yoga Life

You should have the attitude of practicing yoga!

Yoga is not acrobatics.

It can be extended in every pose.

It can be breathed in every pose.

Yoga is not competitive.

Don’t compete.

Everyone’s body is different.

Yoga is not a hobby.

It can’t be hot for three minutes.

You can’t wait until you have time and money to do it now.

From here, Please start yoga.

It’s a lifetime of yoga.

It’s not a diet pill.

It can’t lose weight for a week.

It can’t lose weight.

It can’t lose weight.

It can’t lose weight.

It can’t lose weight.

It can’t lose weight.

It can’t lose weight.

It can’t lose weight.

It can’t lose weight and practice yoga.

It’s natural to break away from yoga from inside to outside.

It’s not a gourd painting.

There are many details in it.

It’s worth exploring.

It’s important to find a professional yoga teacher.

Do you want to make a fool of yourself with the teacher? It’s better than to practice yoga for many years There is a profound philosophy behind it.

There is the wisdom of the ancients to read the classics.

Meditation is just a posture.

It can’t bring you more yoga.

Instead of focusing on the results, it can experience the connection between the body and the mind at this moment in the posture.

Don’t be depressed because you can’t do a certain posture.

Don’t be depressed because you don’t concentrate on today’s meditation.

All that will come will come, Don’t be impatient yoga is not to escape from life, but to give you a chance to breathe.

It gives you a time to reflect.

Learn to integrate yoga into life and enjoy the present life.

Learn to accept the unchangeable and learn to have the courage to change the yoga that can be changed.

It is to make you better life.

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