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The CCTV promotional video of yoga has been used frequently. Yoga for all people can improve immunity

Today’s yoga circle of friends has been brushed frequently by CCTV’s anti-epidemic propaganda film.

In the original CCTV’s propaganda film, there are yoga countries advocating scientific anti-epidemic fitness for all, sports and yoga maintaining a smile with vitality and immunity, scientific anti-epidemic situation, health, you and me, so many people in the circle of friends said: Now is the era of yoga for all! Now it’s all nucleic acid, and in the future it’s all yoga! Because at any time, books are the lowest threshold of noble exercise and the lowest cost of health.

People who insist on exercise for a long time are significantly higher in intelligence and reaction than their peers who rarely exercise, especially yoga! Adhere to yoga, strengthen and keep fit.

Adhere to yoga, build your body, cultivate your temperament and appearance.

Adhere to yoga, change your mood and brain.

Adhere to yoga, make your life different every day! It is said that the epidemic will coexist with people, so try to improve your immunity and move together.

Whether it is yoga or other sports, as long as you like, there will be gains.

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