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Six yoga postures make it easy for you to start crotch

Soft and flexible hips can relieve back pain, give you a brisk pace, and even improve the circulation of your legs.

There is also a better benefit: we keep stress and negative emotions – such as fear, guilt and sadness – in the pelvic region.

Therefore, at this time, the practice of hip joint will also release these negative energy.

Move your hip ball and socket joint sequence through the following whole movement.

When you practice it regularly, you will see your progress in the rest of the exercise, because the pelvis is the basis of alignment in many postures.

When you do this sequence, there are still some things to remember: don’t rush to open the hip, because the ligaments of the hip are strong.

Enter the asana with your breath.

People are usually afraid of opening the hips because they are really a challenge.

Don’t look away from those tight places.

You can really turn it into a wonderful exercise.

1、 The main effect of butterfly style: open the crotch and thin the thigh.

 Inhale, bend your knees and retract your feet, palms facing each other, and put your hands above your knees.

 Exhale and press both knees down with the help of arm force.

Hold for 5 to 8 breaths.

2、 The main effects of the beam angle style are: open the crotch, thin the hips, adjust the spine, and inhale, bend the knees of both feet and retract, with palms facing each other.

 Exhale, and the abdomen drives the spine to lean forward.

 Adjust the breath evenly and make the body move forward and downward as much as possible.

Limit according to ability.

Hold for 5 to 8 breaths.

3、 The main effects of the sleeping swan style: open the crotch, beautify the leg, and close the abdominal muscles.

Inhale, bend the right leg back and retract it.

The big and small legs are at 90 degrees (beginners can retract their calves).

The left foot is back, the knee joint is straight, and both hands are on the mat.

 Exhale, lean forward and bend elbows.

 Adjust the breath evenly.

When exhaling, stretch your body forward and down, and stretch your hands forward.

Adjust your breath evenly, stay for 5 to 8 breaths, and practice on the other side.

4、 The main effects of the cow’s face variant: soften the hips, massage the abdominal movements, inhale, lift and extend the spine, bend the knees of both feet, fold the knees, and put the hands on both sides of the body.

 Exhale, keep your abdomen close to the thigh root, bend your elbows and place the floor mat, adjust your breath evenly, stay for 5 to 8 breaths, and practice on the other side.

5、 The main effect of crescent posture: open the leg, strengthen the muscle strength of the leg, and move the key to the action.

Inhale, put the right foot in the middle of both hands, put the left foot back, step on the front foot, exhale, and put both hands on both ends of the right foot.

 Inhale, land on your left knee, and put your hands together.

Adjust your breath evenly, stay for 5 to 8 breaths, and practice on the other side.

6、 The main effects of the garland style: open the crotch, flex the ankle, tighten the buttocks and the key points of the action.

 Exhale, move forward and touch the palm of your hand.

 Adjust the breath evenly, and fold your hands around your ankles.

Hold for 5 to 8 breaths- It is recommended to read the most beautiful “yoga grandmother” in China at the age of – 1 and 73.

It is not too late to start yoga at any time! 2.

You may have “yoga injury”, but you are not alert! 3.

Yoga is the simplest way to live a long life.

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