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What should I do if I have no strength in my yoga back? These six actions should be done frequently!

When you just practice yoga, some practitioners have flexibility but no strength.

At this time, you can do some targeted strength exercises.

For people with relatively soft back, the back muscles are weaker.

In many yoga postures, the strength of the back is needed to support.

Today, I will recommend 6 simple actions to you, which can exercise the muscles of the back.

It is very suitable for beginners! Six simple yoga actions to strengthen back strength ↓↓↓ Action 1: come to the four-footed bench knee, kneel, align the hips, align the hands with the shoulders, keep the body in a straight line, adduce the core back full, keep 10 breaths, then inhale and straighten the right leg backward, extend the left hand forward to hold 10 breaths, and practice action 2: lie down, bend the knee, heel close to the hips, and straighten the hands on both sides of the body, Breathe in with the palm down, lift the hips up, keep the body in a straight line for 10 breaths, and repeat 5 times Action 3: lie down, inhale with the legs together, lift the legs up and keep 10 breaths, and repeat 3 times Action 4: come to the elbow support, align the elbows, align the shoulders and feet with the width of the hips, straighten the legs, keep the core adduction for 1 minute, and repeat 2 times Action 5: lie on the side, hold the left forearm on the ground, and inhale and lift the hips with the right hand akimbo, Keep 10 breaths in a straight line, and repeat 5 groups of action 6 in the side change exercise: lie down, bend the knee, the thigh is vertical to the ground, both hands stretch up and inhale, the left leg is straight to the ground, and the right hand is straight to the top of the head to keep 10 breaths.

Repeat 5 groups of seemingly simple exercises in the side change exercise, and keep it for a longer time.

Do more groups, and you can strengthen the back strength very well.

It is recommended to practice every day- Message award – today’s topic: It is important to practice yoga and strengthen back strength! Tell me about your experience~Welcome to leave a message.

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