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Yoga “Moon-worship” complete sequence diagram (with video) – classic collection

Add the teacher’s WeChat to watch the teacher’s circle of friends by chance~Many students know about the yoga sun worship, but don’t know about the moon worship.

The worship of the sun gives people positive energy, while the worship of the moon gives people rooted and calm negative energy.

It can stretch the lower back, hips, hamstrings and back of the body.

Today, you can try it in the evening or evening.

Stand horizontally on the mat.

The right side of the mat starts from the left side (left yin and right yang).

All postures are for one breath.


Stand with your legs together, inhale, clasp your hands with ten fingers, exhale with your palms up, extend to the right, stretch the left side of your body to keep your hips upright, slightly retract your abdomen, inhale back to the right, and exhale in the opposite direction, Bend the elbow 90 °, palm facing forward 3.

Straighten the triangle legs, buckle the right foot inward, grasp the left ankle downward with the left foot facing outward, and extend the right hand upward 4.

Buckle the right foot inward more, fold the body over the left thigh, and put the hands on both sides of the left foot 5.

Bend the right knee to the ground in crescent style, bend the left knee upward (or press the back of the foot to the ground), and extend the hands upward 6.

Turn the left foot forward in Gandha style, and lift the heel up and straighten the right leg, Toes up, hands together in front of the chest and then back to the yoga squat: knees open, hands together in the chest.

Then practice in the opposite direction: yoga squat → crescent posture → pyramidal posture → triangle posture → goddess posture → standing side stretch worship video version ↓↓↓ Perform worship practice at the full moon, which can inhale the manna energy released by the moon into the body and obtain life energy.

As for how many times to practice, it is suggested to be a multiple of “3” or “9”.

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