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Yoga backboard style can improve core strength, reduce fat and shape. You can’t believe the benefits!

Yoga reverse plank Purvottanasana is a vigorous body stretching exercise, which belongs to the intermediate level in yoga.

If you are a beginner, it is recommended to do this yoga pose under the guidance of the teacher.

Purvattanasana is its Sanskrit name.

This word is composed of three terms, Pur means “east”, vottana means “intense stretching”, and asana means “pose”.

So, in this yoga pose, your body is stretched from head to foot.

In addition, because this pose is similar to the upward plank, it is also called the reverse plank.

Purvattanasana symbolizes the revival of the body.

Because the east is the direction of sunrise, this gesture also symbolizes a new beginning.

Practicing Purvottanasana can inject energy into the body and revitalize the inner world.

How do you do it? Sit and stand with a walking stick.

Put your hands behind your hips, with your fingertips facing your body and not away from your body.

Place your feet flat on the ground and slowly bend your knees.

There should be a hip-wide distance between your feet.

Exhale, push your hands and feet to the ground, lift your hips up and parallel with your shoulders.

Straighten your arm.

You can use your spine muscles to straighten your legs and toes outward.

Raise your hips as high as possible while keeping your legs strong.

Roll back your shoulders and lift your chest up.

Hold your head back and breathe for 5-6 times, then slowly lower your body and repeat for 3-5 times.

Whenever you start a yoga pose, knowing its benefits will help you set correct expectations and fitness goals.

The following are the benefits of doing this pose regularly: 1.

Stronger muscles In backboard pose, your whole body, from your ankles and thighs to your abdomen, chest and neck, is in a tense stretch state.

This improves blood circulation and oxygen supply in muscles; So as to make them stronger.


The strong breathing system backboard can also improve your breathing system by opening chest muscles and allowing correct breathing patterns.


Improve the function of abdominal organs and stretch the abdomen reversely.

In this process, it also stimulates the functions of liver, spleen and kidney.


Reducing abdominal fat can reduce abdominal fat and abdominal distension.


Relieve the pressure and improve the blood circulation of the whole body, including your brain.

This in turn can improve brain function and relieve problems related to stress, tension and anxiety.

Precautions If your wrist, back and neck are injured, avoid practicing backboard.

If you have migraine and carpal tunnel syndrome, don’t do this yoga.

Pregnant people should not do this yoga.

It is recommended to do this pose on an empty stomach.

It is also not suitable for beginners to do this asana.

Reverse asana is a powerful yoga asana that can help improve strength and body flexibility.

Once you master this posture, you can add it to your home exercise.

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