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What is the level of yoga “burning money”?

It is true that all the money spent on yoga can buy a BMW.

Now let the editor calculate the account of yoga for you.

Let’s see what level you are at? 1.

At the beginning of the bronze class, I only bought a yoga mat.

Although I don’t know how many people eat their yoga mat in the corner, the price varies from dozens to hundreds, and then I have to apply for a card at the yoga hall.

Generally, it is from season card to year card, which varies from thousands to thousands of yuan.


After the silver grade, the cards were all handled, so we had to buy some accessories anyway.

Basic yoga bricks and yoga belts are necessary.

It is very important to practice safely.

A few yoga suits are not to mention.

There is no price at all.

It depends on your financial preparation.


If you want to practice better in the golden class, you should ask for private teaching.

A private teaching class usually costs 300 to 1000 yuan, which is a little expensive, but it is necessary for more professional practice.


After in-depth contact with yoga at platinum level, you will learn that there are various yoga workshops, yoga conferences, training, etc., and better teacher training is not cheap, and the price generally starts at 3000.


The more you practice, the more you work hard.

You will also want to take a yoga trip with some yoga masters to Tibet and other places.

The cost is tens of thousands.


The level of king-level is left to our yoga teacher.

It costs more to become a yoga teacher.

It is even more tearful to speak.

The basic education is to start with ten thousand yuan.

So can people who practice yoga not be poor, but for them: “value”! But then again, do things from beginning to end.

Don’t give up halfway.

The same is true of yoga.

Persistence is the king! If you don’t practice yoga for more than two weeks, your previous efforts will be wasted.

This is really not alarmist! If you continue to look at your body, you will slowly forget that the feeling of yoga is that the muscles have memory.

When you practice every day, your body will get used to the current yoga rhythm, but when you stop practicing, your body will not receive the signal of yoga, and your performance will decline.

Scientific research shows that 14 days is a turning point.

When you don’t practice yoga every two weeks, your body will return to the state before yoga.

In other words, if you don’t have yoga for two weeks, your previous efforts will be in vain! 02 The period of forming a good habit is 21 days, and it only takes a moment to destroy the good habit.

Once there is slackness in the mind, laziness and avoidance will be like a raging flood, devouring your practice results.

It is not easy to persist, so don’t stop yoga, or your early efforts will fall short.

03 The yoga theory in the mind will also gradually fade away.

According to Ebins’ memory and forgetting curve, the knowledge input in the mind is easy to forget if it is not reviewed in time.

Similarly, the yoga books you read are easy to forget if you don’t practice them in time.

Therefore, yoga practice must be persisted, so as to have better results.

So, how to better persist in yoga? 01 Make a plan to make a proper plan for your yoga practice.

It doesn’t need to be too detailed or perfect.

It just needs you to stick to it every day.

02 If you are worried that you can’t hold on to it, you might as well practice with other Jiayou, so you will be more excited and can supervise each other at the same time.

03 I believe that the most important thing is in your heart whether the power of persistence can persist.

When you make up your mind to persist, nothing can hinder your progress.

You should believe that yoga will bring you more beauty.

Yoga women, standing there, are the scenery.

They bring their own stories and bow their heads to form a poem.

They don’t fall in love with the country, the city, and their heart.

Yoga meets the most beautiful person.

Yoga is suitable for everyone.

Only with time and energy, sweat and action can you become what you expect.

When you work hard step by step and take yoga as a habit, as simple as eating and sleeping, your body will slowly surprise you, and of course you will become more and more beautiful, and finally become the envy of others.

Yoga does not require you to spend a lot of money, but saves you the money to go to the hospital.

Yoga does not require you to spend a lot of time, but gives you time to get along with yourself.

Yoga is a marathon.

It does not belong to a certain age group, but runs through the whole life.

Yoga is not to please others, but to spoil yourself.

In a good time, it is better to practice yoga than to drill a corner.

You will find a broader world.

The outside world is vast, and the inner world is more abundant.

The beauty of a woman is born, but it is refined and refined, but it is acquired.

The most advanced appearance of a woman is to do what she likes most every day, and turn her life into a poem.

Use love to offset the long time, and use time to carve the most beautiful curve! Every person who takes yoga seriously will not be disappointed by time.

The rest of your life will be long.

I hope you can sweat like rain on the yoga mat, and also wear high-heeled shoes, which are as beautiful as flowers!.

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