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9 standing yoga postures, practice for 5 minutes every day, improve posture, and significantly shape!

Sitting for a long time is basically a common disease of modern people, which plagues office workers and students.

Sitting posture is one of the most stressful positions on the spine, so the resulting problems such as hunchback, head tilt, rich and noble bag, lumbago, small belly, etc.

not only affect personal posture and temperament, but also directly affect physical health! Today, we will introduce 9 standing yoga postures for 5 minutes every day, so that you have a straight figure and good temperament! 01 Queen’s stand with two feet apart, with the same width as the hips; Lower the hips, bend the knees downward, and make the thigh and lower leg form an angle of 90 degrees; Place your weight between your heels, bend your elbows and lift them up, palm forward, and keep your upper body straight; Hold five deep breaths in this position.

02 The wide squat style is connected with the individual style, and the waist and abdomen are folded in the same direction, with the upper body leaning forward; Straighten your arms forward to help you maintain your balance; Hold five deep breaths in this position.

03 Stand forward bend and grasp the toes, continue the individual pose, and then stand straight with the hips facing the ceiling; Bend the waist and abdomen downward, press the upper body close to the legs, pull the big toes on the same side with both hands, and touch the ground with the fingertips if there is still lack of flexibility; Nod your head up and down and stretch your neck; Hold five deep breaths in this position.

04 Grab your toes and stand in mountain style, slowly transfer your weight to your left foot, lift your right leg up, and keep your body balanced; Rotate the right leg to the right, and hold the big toe of the right foot tightly with the right hand; Try to keep your legs straight and feel the extension of your tailbone and spine; After balancing, turn your head to the left and stare to the left; Hold five deep breaths in this position.

05 The single leg lift continues to keep the center of gravity on the left foot, the right leg rotates back to the center of the body, releases the hand, then slowly lowers the right leg, and pushes straight forward; Pinch your waist with both hands, keep your upper body upright as much as possible, keep your shoulders open, and feel the stretch of your hips; Hold five deep breaths in this position.

06 Perform the lunge back stretch from the upper individual to the lower, put down the right leg and put it behind the back, similar to the leg posture of Soldier 1; Keep the left knee bent at 90 degrees, no more than the toe, the thigh parallel to the ground, the back bent backward, feel the stretch of the spine, and put the right hand on the back of the thigh; Hold five deep breaths in this position.

07 Side double angle pose continues to follow the upper individual pose, fold the waist and abdomen, bend the upper body forward, head down, if the flexibility is good enough, you can put your head on the front yoga mat; Close your arms behind you, hold your hands in reverse, push forward, and feel your shoulders open; Hold five deep breaths in this position.

08 Connect the double angle pose with the individual pose, keep the arms in position, straighten the left leg slowly, and support the legs on the cushion in an inverted V shape; Lower your waist, head down, look back, and feel the extension of the spine; Hold five deep breaths in this position.

09 Split-leg forward bend style: separate the legs to the left and right sides, put the shoulders on the cushion in front of the body to support the upper body, and relax the two arms under the body; Put your side face on the ground, separate your feet, and keep the soles of your feet flat on the ground to protect your knees at all times; Lower your hips until you can reach the lowest position and feel the opening of your hip joint; Hold five deep breaths in this position.

Have you learned the nine yoga movements mentioned above? Sitting friends keep practicing every day to effectively correct their body shape.

Boys and girls, practice quickly!.

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