The spleen and stomach are bad! Eight simple yoga postures, specially for all kinds of spleen and stomach discomfort!

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Today, yoga people teach you eight yoga postures.

Regular practice can improve the intestinal system, promote gastrointestinal motility, and reduce the incidence of stomach disease.

Please follow the professional yoga teacher to do the correct exercise, and at the same time, please start to maintain healthy eating habits! 1.

Key points of triangle stretching: your trapezius muscle must sink.

This will increase your endurance and keep your arms up for a long time.

One way to help keep your torso straight and flat is to make your upper rib area close to your armpit (armpit) and diagonally downward towards your front foot.

The contraction of the lateral muscles in the upper torso will help you keep flat.

Have the feeling of expanding the front of your pelvis.

This is an important action in the triangle.

Efficacy: This posture massages the organs in the abdominal cavity through the rotation of the spine, promotes the peristalsis of the intestines and stomach, and prevents constipation.

Avoid indigestion and constipation.

It can also enhance the strength of leg muscles and remove the fat on the legs and buttocks.


Key points of the double angle style: to ensure that the hips, the back of the legs and the heels need to be kept in a plane, which requires the stability of the body.

Do not put all the weight on the heels, which will cause the knees to bear unnecessary pressure.

Knee socket will feel tight.

Therefore, the first thing we need to do is to adjust the center of gravity of the body, and the second is to learn to tighten the muscles in the front of the thigh and pull to the pelvis to maintain the space of the knee joint.

In addition, since both feet are in an internal buckle state, the foundation of both feet must be firmly fastened, especially the big toe root needs to be firmly pressed.

Prevent overstretching of the outer ankle.

Efficacy: For people who have difficulty in doing headstand and other handstand positions, the double-angle position is a good position.

From this position, you can get many benefits that are the same as other handstand positions, but the degree is low.

Although it should not be done immediately after eating like other handstand positions, it can improve people’s ability to digest food, effectively improve gastroptosis, and also increase the blood supply to the upper body and head area, Stretch the pelvis, hamstring and leg muscles.


Key points of the soldier’s third move: the pelvis rotates towards the standing leg, and the torso also bends on the standing leg.

We need to be aware of the position of the center of gravity and make use of it.

Bending the standing leg or lifting the back leg slightly lower will lower the center of gravity of the body and make it more stable.

Efficacy: By practicing this posture, it conveys harmony, balance and strength.

It can help contract and strengthen abdominal organs, keep stomach muscles tight, prevent excessive gastric acid, and effectively cure gastric ulcer.

This posture makes the leg muscles more symmetrical and strong, and can also stimulate the vitality of the body and promote the agility of the body.

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Key points of boat style: focus on the back and hips, control the balance of the body with the hips, and feel the strength of the waist and abdomen is increasing.

Hold your body up as you inhale and breathe naturally as you move.

Efficacy: By tightening the abdominal muscles, gently massage the organs in the abdominal cavity to relieve stomach flatulence; The posture of leaning back can effectively reposition the sagging viscera, thus making the digestion process return to normal.

This posture can also eliminate waist fat and tighten abdominal muscles.


Key points of the lion style: arm straight, fingers open, back straight, jaw slightly closed; Then inhale deeply, open your mouth as much as possible while exhaling, stick your tongue out (the longer the better), and look hard at the ceiling (that is, roll your eyes), and make a “ah” friction sound with your throat (that is, roar).

Efficacy: This posture can nourish and strengthen the liver, regulate the flow of bile, and improve the digestion process.

It also increases the blood circulation of the throat and tongue root.

It helps to remove the mucus accumulated on the tongue, which has two main advantages: eliminate the peculiar smell in the mouth and make the pronunciation more clear (therefore, people who have the habit of stuttering should practice this posture more, which is why).

It is a good posture to eliminate the pain of the tailbone.

If the tailbone is dislocated, this posture will help to restore it; It can also make the legs, pelvis and torso soft.


Key points of bow: bend your feet and hold the ankle or instep with both hands from the outside; Inhale, open your shoulders and chest, raise your feet (pay attention to keeping your knees as wide as your sitting bones), and keep breathing naturally.

Exhale, relax your body, release your hands, restore your feet, and return to your prone position for rest.

Efficacy: This posture can fully extend the spine backward, massage the abdominal organs, keep the digestive tract unblocked, promote the peristalsis of the stomach, increase the secretion of gastric acid, increase appetite, and effectively improve anorexia.


Key points of plough style: if it is difficult to put your toes on the ground, put a chair behind you and put your toes on the chair; If your breathing becomes short or heavy, don’t put your toes on the ground, but on the chair.

Then the head will not feel pressure and inflation; Stretch your arms over your head, keep your arms on the ground, and keep normal breathing; In the overall posture, stare at the tip of your nose.

Efficacy: This posture has most of the same effects as shoulder standing and plough position.

However, the action of only lowering and raising one leg can make the abdominal organs, especially the stomach, get more exercise than the action of both legs lowering and raising at the same time, and prevent visceral droop.

This posture is also very beneficial to the leg muscles.

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