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Is it too hard to practice yoga? “My body is too hard for me to practice yoga As a yoga teacher, which day don’t you hear a few such complaints, and which day don’t you need to help people clarify such views? Softness is a common mistake in yoga practice.

The body is not soft enough, which is a psychological barrier for many people who have not been involved in yoga.

Because the yoga postures they see are all showing soft body, they think that soft body is an essential prerequisite for practicing yoga, and God has doomed their own disadvantages.

In fact, the initial rigid body can help you accumulate a lot of insight and experience in the process of slowly trying to open and reach the asana.

Too soft body will make you lose some opportunities to realize and pursue.

Because of practicing yoga, the body becomes soft, and people who are not soft are suitable for practicing yoga.

This is the misunderstanding of most people about yoga.

Yoga emphasizes moderation and does not pursue the range of action completion.

As long as the practitioner does his best, he can get the ideal effect.

Yoga is very popular among women, but it is not the patent of women.

In fact, men need yoga to relax and relieve stress.

Most of the masters of yoga in India are men, and there are no fewer men than women among the followers of Western yoga.

Many people only care about whether their posture is beautiful or not, and do not pay attention to the coordination of movements and breathing and meditation.

Yoga is the internal and external cultivation of body and mind.

The posture method of yoga is only part of yoga, and meditation and breathing are the most important.

Only when you are calm and healthy will you be healthier.

Yoga is the combination of mind and breath to complete the body position.

It is not a simple stretch.

Unlike dance and acrobatics, yoga requires flexibility, but stresses energy balance.

It uses breath to drive body movement.

The deeper the breath, the more stretched the body.

Internal breathing helps you open your flexibility.

This is more about feeling soft than body soft.

What is soft enough? To make the body soft, two parts are important, one is the back of the thigh, and the other is the waist.

The ligaments at the back of the thigh can be stretched by pressing the leg.

If your “hamstring” is naturally hard, first try to press it with one leg, extend your hand to the toe as far as possible, adjust your breath when you feel pain, relax while gently exhaling, and then press it again.

Keep practicing, and you will feel the leg ligaments become more and more elastic.

The first step to exercise the waist is the cat’s “arch back”, that is, kneel on both knees, support the ground with both hands, and arch up the middle of the spine as much as possible to make the waist more soft.

You can also practice the “camel style”, which means kneeling on both knees, leaning back, and looking for two heels with both hands.

To practice this action, you should warm up the waist, and then use one hand to find the heel.

After feeling relaxed, you can touch the heel with both hands at the same time.

This procedure is to protect the waist and avoid injury.

How to improve the softness? How can adults improve their body flexibility? Today I will tell you how to improve the flexibility of adults.

First: Simple warm-up exercise 1.

Simple activities: wrist, neck, knee and waist.


Jog and walk fast: focus on training knees, backs and ankles.


Do some simple gymnastics: the training intensity of simple gymnastics is not high, and there is not much rhythm, but it can carry out activities of the whole body joints.


Do some simple dance actions: the dance actions can not only warm up, but also strengthen the basic skill practice.

Second: Body softness exercise The body softness exercise is mainly to press the waist and leg, but the adult dance training suggests that the teacher’s guidance must be provided at the beginning of the exercise, because every movement in the softness exercise is very important, and it is easy to pull up the ligament and hurt the body if you pay little attention.

First of all: press the leg – straighten the knee, tighten the instep and press again, whether the leg is at the front, side or back.


Press the front leg: straighten the back, drive the body to press the leg forward with the abdominal strength, and keep some distance between the shoulders and legs.

It is best to keep the belly close to the leg.


Press the side leg: when the waist is bent to the side of the body, the lumbar spine and caudal spine should be upright, and the body should be bent at the upper lumbar spine and lower thoracic spine.

Remind everyone: Don’t rush for quick success and instant benefit when practicing side leg pressing, and press down slowly according to your personal feeling.


Press the back leg: the shoulder joint and hip joint should be on the same plane, straighten the waist, and the leg behind must be straightened, and then slowly press back.

Second, the lower fork reminds: the lower fork and the leg pressing principle are very similar, but the lower fork will have a better effect on improving the body flexibility.


Horizontal split: Before the horizontal split, we can practice the frog jump to relax the body’s big and small crotch.


Longitudinally split: pay special attention to the rear leg must be stretched out when splitting longitudinally.

Yoga postures that reflect the softness of the body 1.

The action of the sage Marichyasana is named after the sage Marichi, who is the son of the creator, the Great Brahman, and the grandfather of the sun god Surya.

This exercise is especially good for the abdomen, because it massages the viscera to help digestion and circulation.

In this pose, the heel is pressed on the navel to exert pressure on the abdomen, which can strengthen the muscle and digestive function.


Crane or Bakasana Sanskrit (Baka) means crane.

Like the cock style, it relies on the strength of both hands to support the weight of the body.

This action mimics the way cranes wade through the water.

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