Yoga can not only lose weight and reduce weight, but also relieve your mood, and let you easily get rid of your boredom!

Recently, the weather is unpredictable, sometimes sunny, sometimes dark clouds, which makes people feel depressed.

In addition to the pressure of daily life and work, I become very irritable and feel that life is not good.

The common people’s solution may be to get drunk and relieve thousands of worries, or to eat too much food, but these are not healthy.

In fact, we can choose to practice yoga, relax in a quiet and moving way, improve our health level, and also get rid of boredom.

Let’s practice together! Look1: Practice yoga to make yourself beautiful and calm.

The practice of yoga pays attention to the coordination of the body.

At the same time, it does not forget to highlight the key points.

It exercises the leg muscles, stretches the leg ligaments, relieves fatigue, and reduces blood stasis in the legs.

Come and practice with Xiaomi! Turn the body to the yoga mat, support the body with one hand and leg, flatten the body, tighten the abdomen, stretch one foot of the legs to support the ground, stretch the other foot to lift up, and stretch the arm to grasp the toes.

The body is in a split shape, then bend the body sideways to the front foot, grasp the front ankle with the arm around the head, lift the body, support the ground with one hand, support the ground with the heel of the back foot, and straighten the leg.

The crescent change is that the legs are standing on the yoga mat in a lunge, the knees of the front legs are bent, the lower legs are perpendicular to the ground, the rear legs are straight, the upper body is tucked in and the chest is raised, the head is raised, and the hands are held together over the head.

The derivative of crescent style, on the yoga mat, the legs are split, the abdomen is tightened, the waist is stretched backward, the waist muscles are felt tight, the waist ligaments are exercised, the head is raised, the hands are closed and stretched straight over the head.

Look2: practicing yoga makes women self-disciplined and confident.

Women who are self-disciplined never lack yoga in their life.

Women who are self-disciplined never stop practicing yoga.

Yoga allows us to calm down in our busy work, slow down and find our true self.

Support your hands on the yoga mat with the same width as your shoulders, raise your hips, open your legs up, keep balance, straighten your toes, put your weight on your arms, bend your back slightly, and keep your posture balanced.

This pose is very difficult.

First, kneel two legs on the yoga mat, lift one leg, bend the knee, step on the ground, turn the upper body to one side, bend the back slightly, and wrap the arms around the back to grasp.

Eight-track posture, with both hands on the ground, arms perpendicular to the ground, legs together and raised at a right angle to the body, with one arm passing between the legs, the upper body leaving the ground, and keeping in the air.

In the variation of the monkey style, the legs are separated from the front and the back, touching the ground, the upper body is close to the front leg, the head is close to the leg, one hand is holding the front foot forward, the other hand is naturally placed on the side of the body.

The variation of the eight-track form is that the fingers of both hands are open and supported on the ground, the lower body is raised, the legs are extended to one side, at right angles to the body, one of the feet is lifted up and bent knees, and the soles of the feet are placed on the arms.

Look3: Yoga makes you healthy and energetic.

The inverted yoga effectively promotes the blood circulation of the brain, strengthens every cell in the body, prevents premature aging, has clear thinking, and is full of vitality.

Practice with Xiaomi! The standard scorpion style, with arms as wide as shoulders, arms supported on the yoga mat, the whole lower body raised, legs tilted forward, knees bent downward, toes straightened, and abdomen tightened.

Head-hand handstand, with arms folded on the yoga mat to support the whole body, lower body handstand, legs close and straight, not bent, toes straight, slow breathing rhythm.

For the variant training of head-hand handstand, the upper body should lie on the yoga mat on its side, one hand should be stretched out and placed on the yoga mat with the palm facing up, the other hand should be held on the yoga mat with the palm facing down, the arm should be perpendicular to the ground, the head should be placed on the yoga mat on its side, and then lift up from the waist, the legs should be closed together and the toes should be straightened to keep the posture balance.

Support the ground with both hands in a push-up, keep the body away from the ground, lift the lower body diagonally upwards, straighten the toes, extend one foot to one side, and keep the legs straight during the process.

No matter when life is going on, stress and boredom are unavoidable.

It is very important to keep a normal heart and calm the mood.

Therefore, you can practice yoga more often, spend a quiet time, relax your body and mind, and keep fit effectively.

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