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You are good at yoga. You must

WeChat, a teacher added by chance, has gathered around the teacher’s circle of friends.

I heard that many people have misconceptions about the mushroom soup for practicing yoga.

Today, let’s clarify: You must be rich if you practice yoga so well.


It’s really not expensive to take yoga classes.

It’s important to insist because you know that this is the best investment in body and mind.

In the future, it will give you a reliable return.

You must have leisure if you practice yoga so well.


Time is like cleavage, Squeezing still has some serious work.

Try to finish your work on time.

You must practice a lot and eat little every day when you get off work, Your body will tell you what to eat and how much you should eat.

You must have been dancing since you were young.


The old arms and legs just started to practice.

At the beginning, there were all kinds of stiffness and weakness.

You practiced yoga so well.

Is your body hot, No, I’m sure I haven’t had a baby.


Some Mushroom Cool looks very good and looks young.

When asked, it turns out that it is a 10-year-old child.

Mahoga Mushroom Cool is a magic creature.

You must have practiced yoga for ten years.


It will improve in a few months.

You can practice the magic of paper yoga that makes you very good in 1-2 years.

You will know that you practice yoga so well.

You must be…

There are misunderstandings about yoga.

All are laymen, When you really start to practice, you will find that yoga is not as remote and magical as you imagine.

Everything is just as it is- Message award – today’s topic: When you really start practicing, you find that yoga is not as far away as you think Tell me about your experience~Welcome to leave a message.

Before 12:00 on March 16, we will select the lucky friend with the most spots from the selected message and send a small V-neck short-sleeved yoga suit below.

For those who have won the prize in the past, the prize will be automatically postponed to the next Jiayou

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