Can’t yoga crow stand up? It’s not difficult to practice step by step

Yoga Raven is an entry-level support posture, but for beginners, they will worry about falling forward, the arm is weak, the knee always slides down, and the foot cannot leave the ground.

The arm support is mainly strength.

You can also strengthen the arm more at ordinary times.

The core strength is oh! Let’s share a brief warm-up to let you enter the crow style step by step.

This practice will be much easier! The first step is to warm up: start from the inclined plate, open your fingers wide and push your heels back, keep the 8 breathing thighs tight, inhale and lift your right leg forward arch back and lower your head, tighten your right knee to find the tip of your nose, repeat 10 groups to return to the inclined plate, and repeat the second step for the left leg: squat, close your feet together, lift your heels, and hold your fingertips on the ground, keep the 8 breathing knees open, keep your hands folded forward in front of the mat, and keep the 5 breathing elbows bent, Put your hands under your shoulders and knees on the back of your big arms, lift your weight forward and down, and try to lift your heels to find your hips and thighs to your chest, and your heels to your hips.

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