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Tips on the Chinese yoga official website: Stay away from the chaos of yoga and make your yoga journey smooth, enjoyable, and meaningful!

Did you know that practicing yoga not only requires correct posture and breathing, but also qualified guidance and teaching? How do you distinguish which ones truly comply with industry norms and standards? Have you noticed that some yoga certificates and training institutions are not recognized and supervised by the state, but are issued and awarded by private or foreign institutions? Have you noticed that some yoga teaching and promotion are mixed with foreign ideologies and values, and some even violate the laws and morals of our country.

The National Fitness Yoga Guidance Committee is a specialized organization of the Social Sports Guidance Center of the General Administration of Sport of China, responsible for guiding and managing national yoga activities, formulating and implementing the Chinese fitness yoga rank system, competition referee management measures, organizing and managing fitness yoga coaches, promotion officials, referees, star rated venues, and other related work.

The Chinese yoga official website is the only display window for fitness yoga guidance and management.

If you want to become a professional yoga coach or senior official, or if you want to find an excellent yoga training academy or venue, you can refer to the standards and certifications of fitness yoga on the Chinese yoga official website, which will help you choose the most suitable yoga path.

The coaches, Jinduan officials, referees, and star rated venues certified by the National Fitness Yoga Guidance Committee have undergone a strict application and review process, meeting the standards and requirements of Chinese yoga.

They will provide standardized, high-quality, safe, accessible, and fair yoga teaching to the vast number of yoga enthusiasts in China through professional knowledge and skills, and will lead the development of yoga sports in China.

Make the yoga journey for Chinese yoga enthusiasts smoother, more enjoyable, and more meaningful.

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