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Why do you need to press your ankles and open your instep when practicing yoga?

When it comes to practicing yoga, when it comes to pressing the ankle and opening the back of the foot, many yoga teachers should be very familiar with it.

For beginners, they may not yet understand the situation.

If there are exercises such as King Kong kneeling and supine heroes that require the back of the foot to be placed on the ground, everyone should be very familiar with them.

Let’s start with a simple survey here.

If you can’t bear the pain after just kneeling for 3-5 minutes, please raise your hand.

You really need to press your ankle and open your back.

In fact, for yoga teachers, pressing your ankle and opening your back are basic exercises that must be practiced.

Writing here, many yoga people may ask, why? 1.

From the perspective of yoga practice, the most basic point is that if neither the ankle nor the instep can be opened, any kneeling and standing action involving the backs of both feet touching the ground in yoga, in addition to Vajra kneeling and supine heroes, as well as camel style, cat cow style, tiger style, tata style, and so on, will be affected and even painful to do.


From the perspective of human meridians, almost all of the meridians in the human body pass through the feet.

If the feet become stiff, it will inevitably lead to the blockage of these meridians and affect the health of the body.


From the perspective of the human fascia, the dorsum of the foot belongs to the front surface line of the body fascia, which affects the opening of the entire front of the body.

For many people who do not have good back bending, it may be helpful to try practicing opening the dorsum of the foot.


From the perspective of human health, both feet are the fundamental foundation for upright walking.

If the feet are stiff and inflexible, the arches of the feet collapse, the calcaneus tilts, and the position of the lower legs is also not correct, the femur of the hip joint will rotate and the pelvis will tilt

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