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If you only have 10 minutes, practice this yoga sequence (collectible level)

Yoga is a way of life. Even if work is busy, give yourself yoga time, even if it’s only 10 minutes. Today’s sequence, just take 10 minutes to make yourself feel refreshed!.

Bend the front knee 90 degrees, buckle the back heel inward, stand up, open both hands in a straight line with the shoulders, palms facing down..

Extend the front arm upwards and the back arm to the back of the hind leg..

Come to the four legged bench position and support the ground with your hands in front of your shoulders..

Step on the ground with your toes, straighten your legs, and move your hips up and back to the downward dog position..

Move forward to the slanted board, then support your elbows on the ground with your forearms parallel to each other..

Keep your arms on the ground, just like supporting on an elbow board. Lower your body and land your legs on the ground..

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Bend the knees, step on the ground with the soles parallel to each other and at the same width as the hip..

Inhale, step on the ground with your feet, lift your hips upwards, lift your spine off the ground, and place your arms on both sides of your body..

Hold your knees close to your chest and grab the inside or outside of your feet..

Come to the left stand, legs straight. Bring your right foot to the inner side of your left thigh..

Lie down with your hands on both sides of your body, bend your knees, and approach your abdomen..

Bring both hands to the back ribs and adjust the hips above the shoulders..

Lie down, straighten your legs, open them the same width as the mat, and naturally relax your feet on both sides..

Relax your shoulders and keep them away from your ears. Make yourself as comfortable as possible..

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