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The yoga style you like exposes your personality secrets

Personality: A person who enjoys standing, is low-key and steady, with a persistent perseverance that never stops moving forward no matter what difficulties they encounter..

Reason: Exercising standing postures to the foundation, firmly standing with both feet and steadily looking forward, can help us maintain a steadfast pursuit..

Personality: People who love balanced postures not only enjoy the sense of security when stepping on the ground, but also achieve a state of balance in many aspects. With a good mindset, even if things go against your wishes, you can live freely and freely..

Reason: Balanced postures require more focus. You can try closing your eyes in this posture as it will help you better understand your inner thoughts..

Personality: People who love the Backward Bend series will have a very broad mind and strong tolerance. You will know how to regulate your emotions, and such people are naturally likable. At the same time, emotions are easily sensitive and fragile..

Reason: A backward bend will open your chest, and the opening of your chest indicates the opening of your heart. The opening of your heart can help us let go of desires and focus more on our inner selves..

Personality: Likes forward bending, your temperament will always maintain a stable state, you like to keep many things in your heart, hide your thoughts, and sometimes be too passive..

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Reason: Forward bending brings inner peace and introspection, and in continuous energy absorption, it is quite calm and steady in interpersonal behavior..

Personality: A preference for hip opening poses indicates that you are not troubled by any outdated emotions, and expect to achieve perfection in everything. Strict self-discipline is reflected in every aspect of life..

Reason: The hip is the energy center of our body, and a soft and flexible hip can release negative substances and emotions..

Personality: People who prefer to stand upright prefer to observe the world from a new perspective and do not like it to remain unchanged. This personality is very unique and unique! At the same time, it also teaches everyone to be brave and be themselves..

Reason: In inverted postures, it can promote blood flow back to the brain, build strength in the arms, shoulders, and core muscles, calm the mind, and strengthen the body..

Personality: A person who likes to be a zombie, especially someone who needs to relax in life. You crave peace and enjoy letting yourself go..

Reason: During the zombie pose, both the body and mind are fully charged and refreshed, eliminating fatigue caused by other poses and bringing inner peace..

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