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Yoga hip opening, we recommend these 11 sequences, there is always one that suits you!

In yoga practice, hip opening has always been an important practice and is often mentioned. Anatomically speaking, the hip is a relatively complex area. When we talk about hip opening, it refers to the muscles around the pelvis, legs, lower spine, and coccyx. These include large muscle groups such as hip flexors, hamstrings, gluteus, adductors (inner thigh) and abductors (outer thigh), as well as many smaller and deeper muscles, including piriformis and psoas..

Due to sitting for most of the day, prolonged sitting can cause our hips to become very tight. This tightness can cause muscle stiffness around the pelvis, leading to lower back pain or sciatica, making hip opening important..

The focus of this sequence is to stretch the muscles around the hip joint. It can effectively alleviate the tension accumulated from sitting or standing for a long time, and it is very down-to-earth. I like to practice it after traveling or at the end of a long and tense day. Take 5-10 breaths per pose (or longer if you prefer) and do it on both sides..

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The above yoga sequence ends in a lotus pattern. Lotus pose is a beautiful posture and also a desired posture for many of us. But if you forcefully enter this posture, you will feel uncomfortable afterwards. Of course, this is not your goal for practicing postures! If you are naturally very flexible or familiar with this posture, feel free to use the Lotus pose to end. If not, then end with a half lotus or simple sitting..

The first and second sequences are excellent hip opening poses, which help you open your hips in all directions. They are very suitable for people with extremely stiff bodies, and men can also practice well!.

The third, fourth, and fifth sets are the classic hip opening sequences of Yin yoga, which help you open your hips in all directions through slow and gentle stretching..

The 6th to 8th set of hip opening sequences is also a classic hip opening sequence, which is a conventional hip opening sequence in yoga. People with tight hips can practice it regularly..

Set 9: This sequence is a bit difficult and suitable for Ga people who need to have a deep hip opening. With auxiliary assistance, it can make your hips feel stronger..

The final set of hip opening sequences belongs to restorative hip opening exercises, allowing you to gently open your hips while repairing your body..

Tip: Any exercise requires moderation, and hip opening should not be excessive. Excessive hip opening can cause muscle relaxation and weakness around the hip joint, which can affect pelvic stability and easily cause many problems. So it’s important to observe whether your hip joint really requires high-intensity hip opening exercises. If you’re really nervous, it’s also important to practice step by step..

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