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How many of the seven key points of yoga “half moon style”?

Half moon pose (Sanskrit Name: Ardha chandrasana), many students start to do it upside down.

In fact, to do it well, the following seven key points should be mastered: (Beginners put their hands on the Yoga brick below in order to find better extension and stability) 1.

Extend the left waist 2.

Open the chest and stay away from the navel 3.

Expand the groin 4.

Open the left hip upward 5.

Straighten the lower leg 6.

Open the upper shoulder, Keep away from your ears 7.

Straighten your ankles below.

Beginners can practice against the wall: you can step on the wall with one foot or stick your hips to the wall.

Half moon warm-up pose: from left to right are: downward dog pose, warrior two pose, strengthen side extension, triangle pose.

After half moon pose, relax pose: locust pose, supine twist, sitting and standing forward bend.

In flow yoga, it is generally connected from triangle pose to half moon pose.

In the movement change, keep the stability of breathing and the fluency of movement…

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