Want to do advanced yoga arm support? It’s much easier to do these six asanas first

On the way of yoga, it is either in yoga or in yoga.

As a beginner, it will be difficult to maintain the arm support posture.

You should start with a simple variant until you establish the strength you need to support yourself.

Be sure to do the arm support pose in the positive position.

If not, the shoulder blade belt will be injured and there will be too much pressure on the elbow and wrist joints.

Here are some simple ways to practice basic arm support, upper body strength and core support.

Repeat these variations until you feel strong and confident enough.

Remember, don’t worry about practicing yoga.

Take your time and practice safely.

After all, you have to practice for a lifetime.


The variant of elbow support starts from the four legged bench, bend the elbow, press the small arm on the cushion, ensure that the elbow is in a straight line, and do not rotate the wrist left and right.

If necessary, put a yoga belt on the arm to prevent opening the knee back until the hips and shoulders are at a height, keep the toes on the ground, retract the abdomen and shoulder blades, press the small arm down and keep breathing for 8-10 times, Then put down the 2 inclined plate variant, come to the four legged bench, keep your arms straight, press your shoulders down away from your ears, and move your knees back about 15 cm, feel the weight forward, come to your arms again, shrink your abdomen, imagine squeezing the grapes in the middle of your shoulder blades to ensure that your ribs are retracted, retracted to the other side, up away from the mat, your upper body is in a straight line, there is no collapse, and keep breathing for 8-10 times, Then take a break.


The four column support variant comes down from the inclined plate variant, the chest between the hands, and the chin touches the ground.

The biggest mistake for beginners to do four column support with the elbow clip to the side waist is that the chest is backward and needs to move forward before falling.

The chest sinks between the hands.

If there is no strength, keep doing the inclined plate variant.

The 4 side elbow plate support variant starts from the elbow plate support variant, turn the body to the right, turn the small arm to the left, keep the right knee on the ground, straighten the left leg backward and extend the left hand upward, Keep looking at the top 5 side plate variants, starting from the four legged bench to the inclined plate variant, the center of gravity comes to the right hand and right knee, the left leg is straight, and the outside of the foot touches the ground.

Lift your left hand up, look at the upper side, close your abdomen, keep your shoulders away from your ears, keep the inner side of your hand pressed against the cushion, keep breathing for 8-20 times, and then change sides.

It is recommended to do the version of bending your legs.

You can practice your arms more.

Start from the sitting position, bend your knees, and put the soles of your feet on the cushion.

Put your hands back, press your fingertips towards your front feet and hands, lift your body away from the mat until your hips are as high as your shoulders, try to lift your chest a little higher, squeeze your shoulder blades to keep your abdominal muscles activated, imagine trying to pull your heels to your shoulders, start the back of your thighs, keep breathing 8-10 times, put it down and relax, and practice these arm support variants at least 3-4 times a week, Notice the build-up of upper body strength.

You can also make simple variants in class.

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