What yoga really practices is the heart, a heart of letting things go

On the way of yoga, you either pay attention to yoga or pay attention to yoga.

What you really practice is your heart.

A heart of being content with circumstances, just like the four sentences taught by Indian philosophy: whoever you meet, he is the right person; No matter what happens, it’s the only thing that will happen; No matter when things start, it’s the right time; It’s over.

It’s over.

The practice of yoga postures is important, but it is more important to maintain the correct posture in daily life.

Asana is an instantaneous asana, and Asana is a solidified asana.

The most important thing is to keep the state of yoga in sitting and walking.

There are many ways to practice yoga.

Different ways of practice form the so-called different schools.

There is no difference between the good and the bad in each school, just as there are all kinds of different trees in the forest, but each tree has the same goal – to grow in the direction of light.

Different practice methods of various schools are to open up our wisdom and potential and let us enter a state of joy and peace.

  British novelist Maugham said: every shaving is a philosophy.

The seemingly mechanical movement of 108 times of worshipping the sun is also full of philosophy.

No matter how insignificant a move is, as long as it is persisted day by day, something similar to the concept will always emerge from it.

Any kind of ordinary life, if you have a pair of discovery eyes, you can turn iron into gold, turn decay into magic, and grow the flower of wisdom.

Yoga is an art of balance, a golden mean and a grasp of degree.

Neither be too strong and become utilitarian, nor be too easy to make progress.

There is a way: the heart of utilitarianism is indispensable, and the spirit of enterprise is indispensable- Message Award-   Today’s topic: Yoga is a balanced art.

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