Complete usage of yoga chair (Classic Collection)

On the way of yoga, friends who have been paying attention to yoga for a long time should not be unfamiliar with it.

In the practice of yoga posture, there is no doubt that it is a good helper.

It can not only effectively but also safely help to improve the posture, that is, the yoga chair! Waist and shoulders may be the most distressing for many yoga lovers.

Stretching with too much intensity can not avoid the pain on the skin.

Yoga chair has many actions for the waist and shoulders, which can play a good effect, not only reduce the pain, but also add a little more interest ~ 1.

Posture alignment: the most basic role, to achieve alignment in the basic posture, It’s actually the hardest.

Tree pose: the bent knee is easy to move forward.

Fix the knee position with the combination of chair and brick and keep it to one side.

Phantom chair style: use the yoga chair, find the real feeling of sitting on the chair, find the correct position of the hip, and then let the hip leave the chair even one centimeter.

Side angle pose: with the lower knee facing the ankle and the upper hand holding the back of the chair, you can open the chest.

Simple variant of one leg head touching the knee: it’s easy to fold down.

The difficulty is to keep the hips straight and the spine straight.

Grasping the edge of the yoga chair can stabilize the sitting bone and abdominal core, straighten the back and keep the chest straight forward.

Simple variant of standing with hands and toes bent forward: if the flexibility of the back of the thigh is not enough, you can put the upper leg above the chair back and lift it to the same height as the hip.

Use a yoga belt if necessary.


Practice supporting posture: when doing inclined board, side board or inclined board variant posture, put your hands or feet on the chair and practice creatively to increase the difficulty.

Side plate type inclined plate type inclined plate variant core training 3.

Body stretching use the yoga chair to stretch several rigid parts of our body, such as shoulders, hips, back and so on.

Open the chest in the triangle pose, stretch the back of the thigh and the back in the forward flexion and extension.

It’s a great hip opening pose.

It’s an enhanced version of the sleeping pigeon pose, step by step.


Do the back bend step by step.

For most people, the back bend pose is a difficulty to practice, especially for friends who can’t push up in the wheel pose.

With a yoga chair, You can do the back bend slowly and gradually.

The pigeon six part straight leg wheeled camel variant is very helpful for people with stiff back and reduces the pressure on the lumbar spine and cervical spine.


Challenge the advanced support pose.

Most of our bodies do not have enough core strength and arm strength to do the advanced support pose.

Peacock lotus supports crane Zen 6.

Creative combination give full play to your creativity and play yoga on the yoga chair! ▼ teacher wechat ▼ recent   good   Wen ▼ today’s Yoga people are watching..

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