Yoga forward bending is not good. It turns out that you have the habit of leaning back your pelvis!

Source: yogi (ID: yoga_in)                  After practicing yoga for a long time, you will find that by looking at a person’s external posture, muscle shape, etc., you can basically see which postures are difficult for TA and which postures are simple for TA.

                        (1) It turns out that the poor forward flexion is due to the retroversion of the pelvis                   For example, when Xiaobian talks about forward flexion today, some people can’t do well in forward flexion.

In fact, it’s because TA has the problem of pelvic retroversion, because forward flexion actually needs to rotate the pelvis forward.

However, students with pelvic retroversion have tight muscles at the hip, rear thigh, poor waist and abdomen strength and poor strength at the front thigh, so it’s difficult to rotate the pelvis forward.

Left: pelvic retroversion right: pelvic neutrality (II) how to self detect whether there is pelvic retroversion? Lie on your back on the table with the lower part of the middle thigh close to the edge of the table, then bend your right knee, hold your knee close to your chest with both hands, and keep your back and shoulders on the table.

Recommended reading: pelvic tilt back! Men should pay attention, women should be more careful! A: If you can keep the lower left thigh from leaving the table, the pelvis is not tilted back.

B: If the lower left thigh leaves the table, the pelvis tilts back.

(3) How did the pelvis tilt back? Sitting in the wrong position: if the knees are extended, the pelvis will rotate backward for balance, causing the pelvis to lean back.

The posture of standing is wrong: if the knee is over extended, the pelvis will rotate backward for balance, causing the pelvis to tilt back.

(4) How is the pelvic tilt adjusted? If you want the body to lean back from the pelvis to a neutral state, you should loosen the excessively tense muscles and strengthen the weak muscles.

Relax and stretch the muscles.


Stretch the back of the thigh.

Sit in a chair, straighten the left leg and hook it back.

Don’t press the knee, turn the pelvis forward and pull the back of the leg   Keep it for 1 minute, stretch the abdominal muscles on the other side, lie prone, and put your hands in front of your shoulders   Straighten your arms and extend your spine upward   Keep stretching the piriformis muscle for 1 minute, lie on your back, bend your knee, and put your right ankle above your left thigh   Hold the left knee socket with both hands, pull the knee close to the body, and keep the back, waist and shoulders close to the ground   Hold for 1 minute.

Yoga_in people who change sides and 4 chest are prone to tension in the front of the chest   Put your hands on the door frame, bend your right leg in front and straighten your left leg in the back   Push the chest forward and stretch the chest   Keep the hip muscles relaxed for 1 minute, sit up, bend the knee, and put the left ankle above the right thigh   The massage ball is placed under the right hip and rolls back and forth   Hold for 1 minute, change sides to strengthen the strength of corresponding muscles.


Stand with the strengthening of quadriceps, move the right leg forward and bend the front and rear knees   Then return your right leg back to mountain pose and change sides   Repeat 30 times.


Strengthen the strength of hips and waist, lie prone, and straighten both hands and legs respectively   Lift your hands and legs up and keep them straight   Keep 10 breaths, change sides, repeat 5 times, strengthen the strength of 3 hip flexors, stand, and lift the right knee up   Hold five breaths and change sides   Repeat 10 times, 4 hip flexors & strengthening of lumbar and abdominal strength, lie on your back, hands on both sides of the body, palms facing up   Look up at your feet, slowly lift your legs up to 45 °, and then slowly fall   Don’t touch the ground and keep your waist off the ground during the process   Repeat 15 times.


Strengthen your back strength, sit and stand, straighten your legs, and put the tension belt on your feet   Hold both ends with both hands, exhale and pull close to both sides of the body, with elbows backward and inward   Repeat 20 times.

The process should be slow and controlled.

It is important to practice yoga asana and understand your body.

When you can’t do any asana well, you should ask yourself why you can’t do it and where it is unbalanced.

  Because before practicing yoga asana, everyone has their own posture habits and movement patterns, which will lead to muscle imbalance.

Practicing yoga asana is to break their old patterns and return the body to a state of balance and harmony…

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