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Yoga Super Stretch! Your joints are moaning

In yoga class, we often hear teachers say “bend your elbows slightly to avoid over extension” and “pay attention not to over extend your knees”.

So, what is over extension? What’s the harm of hyperextension? What is hyperextension? The so-called overstretching means that the angle of the joint exceeds 180 degrees.

For example, when the knee joint is normally straightened, the large and small legs should be in a straight line.

When the extension angle of the large and small legs exceeds its original physiological curvature, overstretching means that the knee joint is overstretched.

What’s the harm of over stretching? 1.

Accelerate the wear and aging of joints.

During joint hyperextension, the muscles around the joints do not start well and cannot stably support the joints.

It is easy to cause the risk of injury, which will lead to joint wear, lengthening of muscles and ligaments and loss of stability.


Pain occurs when the joint is loaded, if there is over extension, resulting in the force line not in a straight line, pain may occur.

For example, when doing the supporting posture, the elbow joint is over extended, which will lead to elbow and wrist pain.


Affect posture.

Joint hyperextension will also affect posture.

Taking the knee joint as an example, if the knee is hyperextended backward, the calf muscles will become thicker and thicker; If the knee is extended inward or outward, it will form an X / O-shaped leg.

The three joints that are most prone to hyperextension 1.

Elbow hyperextension is not easy to be found in daily life, but in the supporting posture with straight arm, many people will have hyperextension of elbow, which is also the reason for wrist pain in supporting posture.

Therefore, in the supporting pose, you can try to slightly bend your elbow and turn the elbow eye relative to each other, which can reduce the pressure on your wrist and shoulders.


When the shoulder joint is doing the downward dog pose, many students will unconsciously squeeze the shoulder, the chest is too downward, and the ribs protrude, resulting in over extension of the shoulder joint.

At this time, there will be great pressure on the shoulders and the posture is very unstable.

Therefore, when doing shoulder extension support posture, we should pay attention to the recovery of ribs and big arms to put the shoulder joint in the right position.


Knee joint in standing pose, when the teacher says to straighten the knee, many people habitually push the knee back, thinking that this can straighten the knee.

In fact, pushing the knee back is easy to cause excessive traction of the posterior ligament and wear the meniscus.

Therefore, when straightening the knee, we should pay attention to tightening and lifting the thigh muscles, so as to passively straighten the knee and avoid over extension.

Of course, in addition to being in the right position during practice, we should also bring the awareness of the body into life.

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