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Yoga is not only a way of life, but also an attitude towards life.

Yoga Sutra mentioned: Yoga is to control the changes of mind and mind! When I first came into contact with yoga, I understood that yoga is soft and stretching.

But after a long time, yoga can not only bring you physical and mental relaxation and inner softness, but also understand that yoga is like life and pursue simplicity and simplicity.

The richer your life experience and the longer you practice yoga, you will find that the richer your heart is and the easier it is to feel happy.

What are the three minimalism after yoga? 01.

Minimalism of the spiritual world.

With the rapid development of modern society, everyone’s life is dominated by pressure and fast pace.

I want to ask you a question: how long have you been away from doing what you like? Properly separate yourself from your busy work and life, focus on what you really like, such as yoga, flower arrangement, dance, etc., and fully invest in your spiritual world.

Even a repetitive and plain life will become interesting because of the love of your heart.


Simplification of social circles.

Have you ever felt this way? In this era of material desires, it is easy for us to follow others’ footsteps and conform to others’ ideas.

It seems that in this society, we must have many friends and a wide social circle to eat.

In fact, there are not many friends, but essence! A messy social circle will consume too much energy to devote themselves to what they like.

Simplify your circle and be comfortable.

Just like the concept of yoga, you don’t need to be complicated.

Choose what suits you, focus and concentrate.


Simplification of daily life.

I have read the book written by Japanese writer hideko Yamashita: break away! Let go of a useless thing and make room for it.

Deal with a surplus, reduce a burden.

Reduce one waste and restore one point of energy and spirit.

Life needs to break away, cut off and give up all the unnecessary, inappropriate and outdated things in life.

We need to leave the things that are suitable for us and clean up the things that are not suitable for us, just like breathing, inhaling, exhaling, abandoning the old things, so as to usher in a new beginning.

Yoga practice is like life experience.

Even if there are many difficulties ahead, as long as your heart is full of love, you can still feel the beauty of the world.

Yoga people are very happy! Yoga is not only a way of life, but also an attitude towards life.

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