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Yoga for a month, the low back is no longer painful. If you want to cure the low back with yoga, take a look at these methods first | Yoga

/No.83 Yoga physiotherapy 83 | Carrie 124※ | the National Institutes of Health said: “back pain is one of the most common reasons people go to see a doctor or miss working hours.” the report of the World Health Organization also said that low back pain is the main cause of disability worldwide.

Many people have reduced and improved their back pain by practicing yoga, but some people have caused more back pain through some common and effective postures.

Even many people feel that this pose itself is harmful to their back.

For example, some sitting and twisting postures have a very good effect on the relief and improvement of the waist and back.

However, if you do not adjust the spine curve when practicing, but sit with a collapsed waist and hunchback and twist quickly at the same time, it will not have any healing effect on you, but will make the waist and back more uncomfortable, because you do not follow the correct practice method.

This is equivalent to carrying out intense fitness without any warm-up, such as fast weight lifting, which can easily lead to discomfort.

If you don’t know these and practice asanas mechanically every day, your low back pain can’t be improved.


Kevin Khalili, who has been engaged in preventive sports medicine and certified spinal therapy, said that “repetitive stress disorder is so destructive because symptoms usually appear in the late stage of the disease,” Dr.

Khalili said.

“The best and most effective way to avoid these situations is to prevent the repeated pressure that leads to them.” here is an anecdote of an exerciser.

He went to the doctor because of low back pain.

It was found that the cause of his low back pain was caused by long-term incorrect exercise.

Here are three postures that are very effective on the waist and back, upper dog pose, bow pose and locust pose.

Here’s what we should pay attention to in these three asanas.

These three postures belong to the backward bending postures.

It should be noted that both hands and legs need to be very hard.

The lumbar spine is under passive force.

You must not let the lumbar spine exert force, otherwise you will get hurt more and more.

The practice process should be slow and controlled to extend the waist and back, not too fast and too urgent.

You need to warm up when practicing these three postures at the same time.

The following hot body pose, limb support pose, downward dog pose and phantom chair pose are recommended.

Finally, if you feel more uncomfortable after practicing these three postures, it must be wrong to practice and you need to pay more attention to your body.

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