Yoga warm-up is worth every time!

Not every yoga practitioner understands the significance of warm-up for yoga practice.

  According to research, warming up can effectively reduce the risk of injury in yoga practice.

Warm up is a waste of time, which is an excuse for many practitioners not to do warm-up exercises, but every minute of warm-up exercises is worth it.

  We all know that every yoga practitioner’s physical condition is different, and his physical quality is different.

The softness of his body makes every yoga practitioner face different difficulties.

  However, all problems have their corresponding solutions, and warm-up is the first problem that every practitioner should solve when starting yoga practice.

Through warm-up, the rigid body will become soft, speed up the blood circulation of the whole body, improve your body flexibility, and then your practice will be more extended, the posture will be more standard, and the practice effect will be better and better.

  Full warm-up can reduce the resistance of your muscles, so as to reduce the risk of injury in the process of yoga practice.

Warm up is the first condition for safe yoga practice.

  And most importantly, warm-up can help us calm down our irritable heart and make it easier for our body and mind to enter the world of yoga.

  So from today on, warm up first and then yoga,   Five hot body poses, let’s start together!   01 ― cat cow kneeling on both knees and supporting the ground with both hands, shoulder width.

Inhale, close the abdomen, look up and stare ahead, roll up the tailbone, exhale, recover the chin to the abdomen, roll down the tailbone, push both hands to the ground, arch up the back, and keep breathing.

  Cat cow style is to extend the spine section by section, which can effectively speed up the blood flow of the spine, maintain the spine and alleviate back stiffness.

  02 baby style   With your feet together, your knee joint differentiates, kneel on the ground, inhale, move your hips back, sit your hips on your heels, extend your arms forward on your forehead, and breathe in a straight line with your knees   Baby pose is a healing and recovery pose, which is the basis of many postures, because the biggest challenge of baby pose is to sit on the heels and the forehead.

In order to do this, you need to stretch a lot of muscles in the body to warm up more fully.


Sit on the ground in the half fish King pose, straighten your legs, inhale, bend your right knee close to your chest, put your right foot on the outside of your left leg, and support your right hand on the ground behind your hips.

Bend your left elbow, stand on the outside of your right knee, exhale, push the ground with your right hand, straighten your spine, gently push your right knee with your left elbow, and twist your upper body.

Keep breathing and Practice on the other side after 5-10 times.

  The half fish King posture can effectively stretch both sides of the spine and twist slightly, which can keep the spine in the best state, relieve back stiffness and speed up the blood flow in the abdomen.

  04 sit forward   Sit on the ground, stretch your legs and inhale, hook your toes back, take your hips as the fulcrum, and fold your body towards your toes.

Hold your feet with both hands (it doesn’t matter if you can’t hold them, try your best, and put your hands on both sides of your body) relax your head, exhale, and stretch your abdomen down close to your thighs.

Breathe to keep your back extended.

  Sitting forward, we can effectively stretch our back, legs, thighs and hips.


Supine torsion with knees together   Lie on your back, inhale, bring your knees together, pull close to your abdomen, open your arms to both sides of your body, put them on the ground and exhale, keep your knees together, and fall your legs to the right ground at the same time.

Keep breathing and Practice on the other side after 5-10 times.

  Supine torsion is a very comfortable yoga pose.

Many teachers say that supine torsion is the last pose before rest surgery.

For the spine, supine torsion has a good massage effect.

  Finally, I hope every yoga practitioner should not only practice, but also warm up, so as to lay the first step for your safe practice- Recommended -..

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