Dialogue with famous teachers do you have to practice asanas when practicing yoga?

Everyone who practices yoga has his own yoga story.

Whether it’s a yoga teacher or practitioner, you have your own yoga story.

Would you like to share it? This is the latest interview program launched by yoga lemon to talk to yoga teachers and practitioners.

We hope to gather more people with common ideas and help many yoga practitioners find their teachers.

Let’s turn the clock back to December 2019.

At that time, life has not been pressed the pause button.

We began to prepare this “interview” plan.

Fortunately and honored, Mr.

Shajin accepted the invitation very readily.

But after that interview, time seems to be at a standstill.

It will be two years soon.

It’s time to restart the plan.

The translator of the Book Meditation from Tantra, which everyone likes very much, is Mr.


It’s very pleasant to chat with Mr.


I’m deeply impressed by his open-minded, wise and natural.

I know that Mr.

Shajin knows that he doesn’t practice asana.

His life is yoga.

Walking, sitting and lying are dynamic meditation.

I think these contents will be helpful for you to practice yoga or live.


Shajin has his own retreat center in Lijiang – Mountain Yoga Retreat Center.

There are also two platforms, “Yoga Cube” and “China Yoga Online”.

If you are interested, you can search and understand the listening method by yourself.

You can listen by identifying the QR code in the figure below.

If you can’t find it, it may be blocked due to the platform problem.

You can try to search “Jessica is a gentleman” or “Jessica is a gentleman” in the Himalayas “Dialogue yoga teacher” What have we talked about? 1.

Do you want to do what you want to do, or do you want to make a lot of money? 2.

Should Yoga owners adhere to what they want to teach, or cater to the market? 3.

What does meditation bring? 4.

Why can you teach yoga without practicing asana? 5.

What does yoga bring us? 6.

Shouldn’t yoga practitioners live a long life? 7.

Show with action Show me what is dynamic meditation 8 (Mr.

Sarkin) In addition to static meditation and dynamic meditation, there is also the third kind of meditation.


Living in the present and having fun in time.


What is Yoga? 11.

What measures should Yoga teachers take for some students who like to practice asanas? 12.

Where should Yoga start? 13.

Suggestions for friends who want to become yoga teachers.


Is online class feasible? 15.

Four kinds of people who practice yoga-.

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