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Fitness Goddess: unique Yoga Pants show full goddess temperament

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In addition to choosing the right top, the matching of the lower body is also very important.

For example, nine point trousers, wide leg trousers, high waist jeans and small skirts are very practical and versatile pieces.

For girls with fleshy pear shaped figure, we must avoid too loose blouses and don’t make the figure appear short and fat.

Such a coat is very unfriendly to the pear shaped figure.

You should avoid wearing a greasy and bloated loose coat and then change into a loose pleated skirt.

Many girls who are too fat or very thin love to wear wide leg pants.

This is the style choice for girls to wear wide leg pants.

They look thin and long, but in fact, they are not friendly to girls with pear shape.

Too loose wide leg pants will make the body too wide, which will make the body fatter and cause a sense of bloating.

Therefore, girls with poor figure should not use too loose wide leg pants and wear pear shaped figure that looks fatter.

For example, this kind of wide leg pants with a large section can avoid hip width, which is not recommended.

Like this kind of wide leg pants, it’s best to wear a high waist style.

Such wide leg pants look effective and appear thin.

Like this kind of loose wide leg pants, you can really choose loose ones.

Don’t choose too close fitting wide leg pants.

This kind of long wide leg pants will be thinner if you choose the style of half high waist and half short.

There is also a kind of 9-point short wide leg pants, which are also more friendly.

They look thinner and slimmer than 9-point pants.

This kind of short jacket is matched with A-shaped skirt to cover the hips.

Don’t care too much.

It will be better to expose the lower legs.

If you prefer a high waist short style top, compare this length of wide leg pants to this kind of nine point short wide leg pants.

It’s also a good choice.

Girls with a lot of pear shaped bodies especially like to wear high waist suspender yoga pants.

It’s a good choice to match their upper body with some loose pants or nine point wide leg pants.

The high waist suspender Yoga Pants make the body look slim, and the slim pants make the legs look longer.

Such a pear shaped body will make people feel strong when wearing a long coat.

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