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The personalized yoga pants are full of youth, bring perfect style, comfortable and breathable

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                     The matching of yoga pants is a problem that has been bothering many fairies.

Fairies who pursue personality and fashion continue to study the matching of various pants and skirts.

Naturally, they are also faced with the problem that they are not feminine and mature.

Today, I tried these pants and skirts, and summarized the matching methods I think are suitable for the workplace.

Then, I’ll first summarize some of my own experience in dressing and matching, and then tell you what kind of working environment they are suitable for.

Sometimes I will recommend some foreign star street photography, and you will find clothes suitable for yourself slowly.

I’m a person who likes personality.

I’m embarrassed to wear more.

Trousers can be worn in long trousers and wide shorts, and the effect can be obviously different.

First of all, in terms of pants type, tight pants are the first choice for work matching, which are slim and elastic, and large and long legs are necessary.

If you are short, you can choose loose and slightly elastic.

If you are petite, you can choose slightly elastic pants, and the proportion of legs will be better.

People with round legs are more bloated when wearing tight pants.

They can wear high waist shorts with good elasticity, and the shorts are at least at the knee.

Trousers with longer legs and short skirts will feel mature and feminine…

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