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Don’t refuse yoga with “rigid body”, soften your body and mind in an all-round way, and be a charming girl!

As the saying goes: one inch long tendon, ten years long life.

And we often say that the tendons “shrink”, in fact, the body is too stiff.

In addition to age factors, bad living habits such as eating too much, sitting too long and exercising too little will make the body more rigid.

Don’t underestimate the rigidity of the body.

“Softness” and “rigidity” are important signs of human youth and aging, health and unhealthy.

A series of health hazards caused by physical stiffness are not small.


It is prone to sub-health pain, such as head tilt forward, round shoulder hunchback, cervical spondylosis, lumbar muscle strain, lumbar disc herniation and other problems, which are related to physical stiffness.


People with stiff and inflexible body who are prone to injury will be more likely to be injured because their body reaction is relatively slow in sports or daily life.


Often fatigue, muscle stiffness, capillaries also harden, and blood flow slows down.

If the blood circulation becomes weak, there is much garbage in the body, and the nutrition supply is not available, it is easy to fatigue.


It’s easy to get fat, the skin gets worse, and the muscle stiffness will slow down our metabolism.

Fat can’t burn, so it naturally accumulates in the body.

Poor metabolism will also cause endocrine disorders, and various skin problems will occur, such as long spots, dark color, more wrinkles, loose skin and so on.

Let’s check your stiffness.

Look at the following figure: do you belong to a or B? If you choose B, your body is very stiff.

Today Xiaobian recommends a set of all-round and in-depth stretching yoga to help you stretch your stiff muscles and relax your body! Action 1 kneel down, feet together, knees apart, inhale, spine extension, exhale, bend down, hands straight forward, palms close to the ground, hips sit on heels, forehead point to the ground, and hold for 3-5 minutes.

Action 2 takes action 1, inhale and extend the spine, exhale to the right, bend the right hand to the right front, extend the side waist, put the left hand on the wrist of the right hand, and lengthen the left waist for 3-5 minutes, Change the opposite side to practice action 3, kneel at the four corners, straighten your hands forward, touch the ground with the tips of your fingers, stretch your armpits, and point your forehead to the ground.

Keep your chest down to the floor for 3-5 minutes.

Restore action 4, lie prone on the mat, hold your hands flat, put your palms down, put your left foot on the right rear side of your body, point your left foot on the ground, bend your right leg, support your left hand in front of your chest, and open your body to the right for 3-5 minutes, Change the opposite side to practice action 5.

Lie on your stomach, straighten your hands forward, exhale with your palms close to the ground, support your elbows on the ground, lift your chest upward, slowly slide your elbows to the chest, lift your chest to the vertical ground of your arms, expand your collarbone, relax your shoulders, look at the ground in front of you, keep it for 3-5 minutes, action 6 takes action 5, slowly straighten your arms, lift your collarbone up your chest, and expand it.

Be careful not to squeeze your lumbar spine for 3-5 minutes, Restore action 7 start from the downward dog pose, step the left leg forward, fall on the outside of the left arm, the right leg knee and instep touch the ground, sink the hip, exhale, bend down, keep the elbow close to the ground for 3-5 minutes, action 8 connect action 7, exhale, drive the body to the right with both hands, pay attention to keep the hip centered as far as possible, step on the left foot and extend the left waist for 3-5 minutes, return to the right action 9, exhale, Twist your body to the left, put your left hand on your left thigh, push each other, deepen the twist, relax your right shoulder, keep it for 3-5 minutes, return to downward dog pose, change the opposite side practice, repeat action 7-9, action 10, prepare a yoga brick, a yoga pillow hero sit, knees close together, heels on the outside of your hips, hips sit on the Yoga brick, put the pillow on the back of your body, exhale, and lie back, Lie on the pillow, hold your elbows with both hands, stretch your armpits, and hold for 3-5 minutes.

Action 11 sit up, bend your right knee inward, and bend your big and small legs at 90 degrees.

Similarly, bend your left knee on your right leg, overlap your knees and ankles, inhale, extend your spine, exhale, bend down, extend your hands forward, and hold at your fingertips for 3-5 minutes.

Exchange your left and right legs up and down.

Action 12 sit up and stand, keep your feet as far apart as possible, and straighten your legs, Push the heel to the far side, exhale, bend down, keep the elbow close to the ground for 3-5 minutes, restore the action 13, lie on your back, bend your knees, keep the heel close to the hip, put the left leg on the right leg, turn the right hand to the right and hold the outside of the left knee to help deepen the torsion, bend the left elbow, palm up, relax the body, and keep the shoulder not off the ground for 3-5 minutes, When we gradually learn self-care in the maintenance of yoga, we will become more patient, more flexible and more intelligent! Yoga, daily practice is the best for the body-.

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