How to practice yoga just right? 6 groups of waist and abdomen shaping Yoga variants, adhere to 30 days, not thin is difficult!

Click the blue word to focus on our subscribe tous yoga posture, which is most suitable for the stretching of our muscles and the movement of our joints.

All movements are based on breathing.

Breathing is the first step of yoga.

In yoga class, breathing is the most important.

A correct practice course includes: controllable breathing + focused consciousness + stable body.

The best range of exercise varies from person to person.

Some people have healthy and soft joints and good muscle elasticity, while others have dry joints and poor muscle elasticity.

In addition, in different environments (temperature, humidity, excitement, fatigue, etc.), there will also be different motion ranges of joints and muscles.

However, in real life, we should pay attention to the coordination of breathing and breathing and exercise, always pay attention to our physical state and do our best.

Instead of comparing with other people’s exercises.

Sometimes for some reasons, such as mood, the state of the body will be sometimes very good, sometimes slightly unsatisfactory.

At this time, we should also treat and accept it with a peaceful attitude.

Practice can’t be completed in a day or two.

Through several days of persistence and drops of sweat on the mat, comprehensive and loose exercise has been accumulated and integrated.

At the beginning of our practice, we thought that a very simple movement could make you sweat.

It was so difficult to do a sun salute.

When we bent forward, our hands couldn’t touch the ground, and when we stepped down the dog, we couldn’t make our heels firm.

We even felt that your arms were shaking all the time when we did all the support.

You would feel out of place in class, But each of us starts with some simple and basic things.

Every time we can be better than before, and these are just signs to move forward.

Slowly, you will find that you can touch the ground in the forward bend.

You will find that the downward dog pose is like a pose, and your wrists will no longer feel heavy.

You can easily do one elegant Yoga action after another, and you can easily move back and forth.

Not only that, the more confident you are, the more peaceful you are, the more positive energy you have, which requires time and tenacious heart.

Yoga practice is not competitive.

We go down step by step through correct practice and methods, all for better ourselves, and all sports are to make our body better.

Come on, girl, summer is the best time to practice yoga.

For women who have given birth to children, because of the weakness of the transverse abdominal muscle, the meat on the stomach is not to mention drooping! Very beautiful! For women who have never had children, there are many people whose waistlines are easy to accumulate fat, and they also have certain limitations in dress! Action 1 supine position, legs close together, straighten and exhale, close the core, bend the hip of the left leg, straighten upward, 90 degrees to the ground, lower back close to the ground, right leg press down, shoulders relax, inhale, restore and repeat the exercise for 8-10 times, exchange the other side action 2 supine, hands on the side, palms close to the ground, knees bent and lifted up, thighs vertical to the ground, large and small legs vertical, stay for 8-10 breathing actions, 3 exhale, Tighten the core and roll up the tailbone so that the lower back is completely close to the ground, and the toes of both feet are alternately pointed downward, alternately left and right for one time.

Repeat action 4 for 8-10 times.

Keep in the preparation position of the previous action, cross your hands on the back of the head, chin to find the clavicle, shoulder blade off the ground action 5 exhale, close the core, turn your body to the right, touch the left elbow on the inside of the right knee, straighten and raise your left leg, inhale, Restore the left and right alternately for one time, repeat 8-10 times, action 6, lie on the left side, support the left elbow and palm, exhale with the right palm on the front of the body, abduct the right hip and raise the right leg upward..

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