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Yoga backward bending is very advanced, but it is very dangerous. How to practice backward bending step by step? The one that doesn’t hurt

In Yoga asanas, there are many asanas that can help girls improve bad posture such as round shoulders and hunchbacks, and shape attractive shapes.

The back bend asana is the most effective asana type.

So some people say that if you practice the back bend well, you must have a good temperament.

However, in daily life, the direction of scoliosis is rarely used, and the movement of the spine in this direction is inevitably unfamiliar.

In fact, scoliosis has certain difficulty and risk.

Today, let’s see how to open your body more safely and practice back bending.

Content: at the end of the kyphosis exercise, I still want to remind all Jiaren that the space of kyphosis is limited, which is determined by our body structure, and everyone’s individual differences are very large.

So don’t compare, don’t force yourself, and be sure to practice step by step.

Remember to practice with the guide, OK! It won’t be long before you can see your changes-.

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