Yoga pants can be said to be a classic in the wardrobe, allowing you to relax and wear temperament

Yoga pants can be said to be a classic in the wardrobe, allowing you to relax and wear temperament.

The collocation of Yoga Pants depends on the skin color and body shape, which can not be generalized.

For example, if the skin color is white, it can be matched with rice white, which is beige.

Rice white is a white color, which has always been a sharp tool to improve the sense of girls.

If it is yellow, you can choose coffee color, and yellow skin should be avoided.

You must find a good color.

If you are young, white broken flowers are also suitable.

Yoga pants with lace and hollowed out should be no longer than the knee.

When summer comes, I will say goodbye to Bikini.

I wish everyone can have their own white and luminous high heels.

Attached are several multi-layer printed yoga pants that can be used as a reference, and the seven seven analysis diagram of denim pleated top and denim strap skirt.

In summer, it’s fresh and high-grade with berets.

Beautiful route V Neck + slim sling.

It’s very thin, with a suitable length of coat and suspender pants ~ so that it won’t be too hot in summer.

Sweater + printed yoga pants.

With high waist jeans.

Visually, it will shorten the length of legs and tie jeans to make them thinner.

Be sure to pay attention to the toe binding design and avoid wearing wide pants, jacket + high waist straight jeans or trousers.

With loose style as the main style, long coat + pleated skirt, long skirt, shorts and pleated skirt can be directly matched with short coat and Hip Wrap Skirt, which can completely solve the problem that pleated skirt can block the face and show thin effect.

Do not match too complex pants below!!! In this way, there is no sense of modeling No single item can be stacked together.

For example, the $20 loose hot pants on the floor stand are too loose.

Moreover, such pants show short legs and can’t find a good-looking pair of suspender pants, which has become the standard configuration of awl face awl waist bucket waist Short and disharmonious The color of the basic half skirt is pure black and versatile.

If you have to wear a short shirt on the lower body, split it with a belt.

The top should be as simple as possible.

Just match it with a solid long skirt to cover the skirt hem.

The basic yoga pants in black with a little light yellow background are also very refreshing.

Don’t abandon the denim shorts in summer.

The mesh skirt with thin legs and over the knee will be very fairy.

It will also become fairy if matched with the suspender shirt.

Wear sweet and lovely ~ ~ ~ the bottomed long sweater, coat and perforated denim shorts are energetic girls, It’ll be cooler with a shirt.

This one is also standard.

You can wear anything.

It’s easy to match Stop buying fishtail skirts Fishtail skirt looks good, but it’s not easy to match And the hem of the fishtail skirt is relatively long, which seems to be old-fashioned every day People who wear “big legs” will be a lot more casual.

They look good with khaki turtleneck sweater or loose white yoga pants.

Slim pants are very thin, and their legs look longer with Cowboy SHORTS!!! ▼ the student party can start from the thousand bird lattice.

Now there are hundreds of pieces of basic models.

If they are light cooked, they can be earth color.

Don’t choose too heavy pants.

When you try them, you should also pay attention to the version.

Don’t choose stiff jeans, which will make you ugly…

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