Yoga pants can be described as a classic in the wardrobe, so as to avoid monotony, boring, aestheticism and moving

Yoga pants can be described as a classic in the wardrobe, in order to avoid monotony, boring, aestheticism and moving.

The most important thing to match yoga pants is to close the waist.

Appropriate waist closing will add femininity.

A colorful belt can make your overall shape no longer mediocre.

Packing price of Mikimoto Yoga Pants: 4098 RMB (deposit / set price for final payment, for reference only) packing price of Mikimoto classic square neck V-neck Yoga Pants: 3588 RMB Mikimoto plain dot yarn Yoga Pants: 3328 RMB Mikimoto pleated pants big swing Yoga Pants: 3128 RMB Mikimoto Bean paste BLUE CHEONGSAM Yoga Pants package price: 2688 RMB Mikimoto (Lingzhi) color matching pants package price: 3950 RMB After reading these texture full packaging budgets, nothing is cheaper than these! Attachment: attention of physical stores in Beijing (including new stores): Yaosi Yamamoto charges 100000 for a pair of trousers, which is not only more than his purchasing power, but also related to the owner’s personal cultivation.

Because the shopkeeper’s reputation is quite high, everyone will remember him, so they can make money.

In addition, they have a particularly good attitude towards guests, and everyone is willing to buy it.

Here, Yaosi Yamamoto is taken as the premise for in-depth analysis.

If the shopkeeper is not as famous as Yaosi Yamamoto, please detour.

Mikimoto Lingzhi (Shouyi store): 21050710h&mh&m many high-quality pants are not bought in our shopping malls.

The main reason is that they are too expensive.

Although the real object looks ok, the video is vague.

The real object doesn’t look very good.

After calculation, each pants has to be two thousand smaller.

Some people buy H & M discount because the size of clothes is not good.

Besides, girls buy more clothes.

Many clothing stores can only buy flat prices, such as the first few sets of Weimi, because the price of those sets of clothes is only half of that of Weimi, and the quality is very poor.

Guests don’t have to buy them yet.

Why do they have to buy them? Uncle Nick, the customer level of Uncle Nick’s service is relatively fixed.

It’s also a blind date introduction.

Everyone looks reliable, so the clothes that buyers like are relatively guaranteed.

The former Saab Vancouver store is relatively large here.

Because of decoration and promotion, it is not as good as before.

Now it has moved to a location close to Joy City.

The store is relatively small and understandable.

The cheapest one is seven or eight thousand.

I don’t know the others.

There are discounts on the Internet when they engage in activities.

If there is no discount, it will be expensive.

As a minority brand, it can’t compare with big brands, but the fabric design feels very strong and the quality is also good.

Yilian Lin of ioustopshop can be said to be the first fashion blogger in China.

Her clothes are very beautiful.

If you want to compare with Mikimoto Lingzhi, you can see her home.

As a Chinese women’s designer, they basically serve Gaoding designers, and the quality is naturally great.

I hope every girl can become a princess and become the idol of other girls…

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