Yoga pants are more refined than others. They give consideration to beauty and comfort. They are beautiful, clear and sexy

Yoga pants are more refined than others.

They give consideration to beauty and comfort.

They are beautiful, clear and sexy.

There are many matching skills of yoga pants, which are basically based on your reasonable body proportion.

If the defects are too obvious, yoga pants will really “destroy the Three Outlooks”.

For example, girls with shoulder width should match with loose V-neck or round neck yoga pants.

In addition, many girls often love matching shorts and shorts.

In fact, this is wrong, Because yoga pants with shorts and shorts with shorts have no decorative effect on girls without curved lines.

Simply wearing them like this will only make our legs shorter and worse.

So short legged stars really can’t wear yoga pants? No, girls with short legs can wear the right matching skills to make themselves look like they can have the visual sense of “long legs”.

Although yoga pants have a high status in the fashion circle, it is the king to learn to wear the right matching skills! First of all, it can modify the figure by increasing the proportion of the upper body.

The exposed legs of the upper body can lengthen the proportion of the lower body.

No matter how short the lower body is, the legs will not be particularly short.

There is also the way to tie the belt.

While increasing the waist line, the shape of the lower body is modified, especially the position of the butt is lengthened, which has a visually high effect.

How are we going to wear short legged girls? First of all, try not to wear a coat of different lengths, so it will look slender in comparison.

No matter wearing shorts or shorts, the coat can not drag more than half of the floor.

As long as the coat is too long, it will appear that the legs are very short.

It is not recommended that everyone wear a coat that exceeds the shoulder.

The pants should not be fluffy as far as possible.

Fluffy will make the whole person look flat and sloppy, and the leg lines will show a poor state.

Exposing the ankle is the best choice.

When the leg lines are poor, do not wear boots longer than the knee, otherwise the legs will be short and the body proportion will be reduced.

Try to wear high-heeled shoes with a straight belt to lengthen the ankle.

If you want to be tall, you can choose high waist pants.

The slim fitting pants that just cover the root of the thigh are also a good choice, showing high and thin legs.

Try to avoid the exposed shortcomings of shorts.

If you have to wear shorts, you can wrap the lower body around the upper body, which will make the pants focus on the legs to achieve a visually significant effect.

The lower body is matched in the same color.

Although the pants are black yoga pants, the upper and lower echoes of waist decorations, otherwise the lower body will be particularly monotonous, which will make people feel unnatural.

Similarly, the upper body is matched with black, and the pants should be loose and tighten the waistline to achieve a high effect.

But at this time, wearing a longer style is more effective.

You can tuck a black coat into your pants, which looks as tall and thin as black yoga pants.

Yoga pants with boots will have a better effect of showing height and thin.

You can choose umbrella boots.

The overall visual effect will have a lengthening effect.

Visually, the legs will be thin, and visually, the whole person will show height and thin.

If it is pear shaped, don’t wear too loose yoga pants, which will make the proportion more uncoordinated, so it’s not suitable for short legged girls.

Such yoga pants can effectively hide the shortcomings of the legs and cover the meat very much…

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