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10 yoga movements balance “pelvis, spine and legs” to prevent scoliosis!

With the development of electronic technology, people of our generation often hear words like high and low shoulders, long and short legs and high and low pelvis! The root cause of these physical problems still comes from maintaining bad posture for a long time, such as carrying a shoulder bag for a long time, crossing legs, ge you lying down and so on! This is not only harmful to health, but may even lead to scoliosis, which is worthy of attention! Today, I share 10 yoga moves to help balance the muscles on both sides of the body, activate the muscles deep in the back to stabilize the spine and prevent scoliosis.

Everyone should practice! Action 1 Mountain preparation, exhale and tighten the core Bend your hips first and then your knees into standing forward bending Inhale and pulse your spine back into standing mountain pose Repeat 10-15 times, action 2 Enter from the mountain pose, exhale and tighten the core Lean forward, bend your hips and knees, and put your hands on your knees Exhale, tighten the core and roll the tailbone, including the chest and arched back Inhale and extend the pelvis forward and the spine section by section Repeat 10-15 times for action 3 Sit with your legs straight forward and bend your knees slightly Inhale and put your hands over your knees Exhale, tighten the core, arch back with chest Inhale and extend the spine forward section by section Repeat 10-15 times, action 4 Maintain the basis of the previous action Inhale, hands straight forward, palms up Exhale, tighten the core, and lean back slightly Inhale, restore, repeat 10-15 times, 5 Sit and stand ready, bend your knees and step on the ground Put your hands around the upper end of the lower leg and tibia With breathing, the body rolls back and forth 10-15 times, 6 Supine position with legs straight and lifted up Inhale and put your legs back into plow Exhale, tighten the core, and sit on the ground Enter the big boat pose and repeat 10-15 movements 7 Withdraw from the previous action and bend your knees close to your abdomen Roll your body backward, then forward Stand on both legs and bend forward.

Repeat for 10-15 times Bend your legs back from standing and enter the inclined plank Exhale, tighten the core and bend your elbows into the four pillars Inhale, restore the inclined plate and bend forward and back Repeat 8-10 times for 9 and Exit from the upper one and enter the lower dog pose Exhale, tighten the core, and pulse the spine forward Enter the upper dog pose, exhale and return to the lower dog pose Repeat this Vinyasa movement 8-10 times Exit from the upper one and enter the magic chair Exhale, tighten the core and sit back with your hips Roll back into the shoulder handstand once Then inhale and return to the magic chair Repeat this mobile series 8-10 times.

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