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Yoga “wheel” pushes the chest out. This detail must be mastered!

“The main way to practice yoga is to push out the chest.” in the wheel, the strength of legs and arms serves the extension of the chest.

When the legs are strong, the lower body is stable and the spine can be extended safely; When the legs are strong, you can give the thoracic spine a strength and push it between your hands.

If you want your legs to be strong, you can’t have eight outside your feet.

If you have eight outside your feet, the strength inside your legs will be lost.

▲ left: wrong demonstration ▲ right: correct demonstration.

When both hands are strong, you can push the ground, keep the chest away from the ground, lengthen the spine and extend the thoracic spine.

If the arm does not have the strength to straighten, there is no way to send the strength from the palm to the shoulder, the shoulder cannot be lifted up, and the chest cannot be extended.

Open the thoracic vertebrae in 7 movements to prepare for wheel pose ↓↓↓ 1 In Pug pose, place your knees on the ground, align your hips with the insteps of your lower legs, and extend your hands forward with your forehead on the ground for 1 minute 2 Pug variant 1 based on the previous pose, bend your elbows to the ground and keep your hands together for 1 minute 3 Pug variant 2 puts the hips forward slightly and keeps the chest and chin close to the ground for 1 minute 4 The pug Variant 3 aligns the knees to the hips, puts both hands on the upright brick, and sinks the chest for 1 minute 5 Pug variant 4 on the basis of the previous pose, bend your elbows and put them on the erected brick, and sink your chest for 1 minute 6 Keep your arms straight against the wall for 1.7 seconds and keep your hips straight against the wall As for the flexibility of the head and the arms of the dog, it needs to be extended on the chest for two seconds.

In fact, it needs the strength of the head and the arms of the dog to be bent on the wall for two seconds.

It needs the strength of the hands of the dog to be bent on the chest for one second.

Wheeled, the external limbs are powerful, and the internal heart is soft and open.

May you be as delicate as ever, your eyes and eyebrows remain the same, and your years remain the same.

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