How does yoga help us overcome the new crown—— compassion

 Howcanyoga helpusovercomeCovid-19? – how does yoga help us overcome the new crown—— Namaste, mydearfriends! ManypeoplefromaroundtheworldhavereturnedtomemanytimesaskingmyviewsandmyexperiencesindealingwiththeCoronacrisis,especiallyapplyingthetoolsofyoga,andthey’veaskedmetomakeasetofvideosonthistopic.


Namaste, dear friends! Friends from all over the world repeatedly asked me about my views and experience on “how to use yoga to deal with the new crown crisis”, and asked me to record a group of videos on this topic.

So this series is about how yoga helps us face the new crown crisis.

Today is the first of this series of videos, dear friends.




The first thing I want to talk about is the most important content – compassion.

It must be stated that I have completed the vaccination of two doses of vaccine.

I am the first person to be vaccinated in India.

I was one of the first vaccinators when the vaccine was first opened to adults over the age of 45.

This statement is very important to let you know where I am talking about it.


I was vaccinated purely for work reasons.

If I have to teach around the world, I must be vaccinated with two doses of vaccine.

This is the main reason why I am vaccinated.

What I want to talk about today is neither the promotion of the vaccine nor the resistance to the vaccine, but compassion.

Iamnotamedicaldoctor,andsoIcannotrecommendanybodytotakeavaccination,becausemanypeople, manystudentsaskmeshouldItakeit,andmyanswerisalwaysthesame,Idon’trecommendanybodytotakeornottakethevaccination,becausethatisapersonalchoose,Ihavetakenitformyownreasons,andIstatethatveryopenlytoeverybodyIamnothidingthisatall.

I’m not a doctor, so I won’t advise anyone to get vaccinated.

Many people, including my students, are asking me whether to get vaccinated.

My answer is always: I don’t recommend anyone to get vaccinated or not, because it’s a very personal choice.

For personal reasons, I got vaccinated, and I can confess this to you unreservedly..

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